National Chiropractic Health Month 2021

This October, the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) observes its annual National Chiropractic Health Month (NCHM). National Chiropractic Health Month is a month which celebrates chiropractic health and promotes ways it can be improved. This year, chiropractic members and doctors nationwide … Continue reading

How to Evaluate the Well-Being of Patients? Grip Strength.

After sustaining an injury, one might go to seek further medical assessment by a licensed medical professional.  Upon arrival to the facility, the individual may go through a battery of tests in order to determine a diagnosis, prognosis, and a … Continue reading

Why Pilates is Good for Runners

Running is one of the healthiest and most natural exercises you can do as a human being. Unfortunately, not everyone can continue to run without complaining about having aches and pains. This is where doing Pilates comes in. By doing … Continue reading

3 Important Questions to Consider for Lumbar Stabilization Training

Who needs stabilization retraining for low back pain?  Stabilization exercises are typically prescribed to those who present with dysfunction with active movement screens as well as when they perform functional tasks. Stabilization doesn’t have to solely relate to those who … Continue reading

Helpful Posture Aids

Having good posture is essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It helps keep your body flexible and avoids neck and back pain. Sometimes people don’t even know they have bad posture until it is too late. Thankfully, bad posture is … Continue reading

Helpful Tips for Ruling Out Fractures

Diagnosing potentially sinister pathologies can seem a little daunting and ambiguous.  Thankfully, there are ways to help guide clinical decision making when you are in these situations.  The use of algorithms and diagnostic instruments may be helpful to understand when … Continue reading

What Does Having Good Posture Mean?

Making sure that you have good posture is more than just about being able to stand up straight. Being able to hold your body the right way, whether you are standing or sitting, is an important part of your overall … Continue reading

A Clinical Pandemic: Burnout Syndrome

The ongoing events of the COVID-19 pandemic have certainly contributed to the rate of burnout experienced by health care workers.  The volume of patients has risen exponentially and placed tremendous strain on the health care system.  Prior to the pandemic, … Continue reading

Try these Exercises for a Toned and Healthy Body

Strength training comes with a wide variety of benefits that a lot of people find appealing. It can help you burn fat, improve your balance and coordination, help you sleep, and build your muscle mass. With all these benefits in … Continue reading

3 Strategies for the Initial Interview with a Patient

Initial Interview The initial interview with a patient can be a very intimidating interaction between the patient and the practitioner.  A patient will be walking into the clinic and will be experiencing a variety of symptoms as well as functional … Continue reading

Advantages to Lifting Lighter Weights

The fastest way to grow muscle may not be the way you are thinking. If you think lifting heavy weights and putting them down is the best way, you may be wrong. According to a recent study, lifting lighter weights … Continue reading

What are the best strategies to become an amazing clinician and improve patient outcomes?

Welcome to the blog! My name is Eric Trauber and I am a physical therapist.   I am board-certified orthopaedic clinical specialist from the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties. I am also a Fellow of the American Academy of … Continue reading

Why you Should Exercise with Resistance Bands

If you look around your gym, you might see a bunch of resistance bands laying around. Most people look at them and are unsure how to exactly use them. These often-overlooked resistance bands are some of the most versatile exercise … Continue reading

Ways to Stretch

Flexibility plays a key part to fitness and overall health. There are a lot of stretching techniques you can practice to improve your range of motion and flexibility. Below are two short stretching exercises to prepare you for the day … Continue reading

Benefits of Stretching a Few Minutes a Day

When people think of stretching, some of them may think it is only for Olympic gymnasts or serious runners. This is far from the truth, as there are many advantages to stretching daily that even normal people can benefit from. … Continue reading

Best Aerobic Stepper Exercises

Step aerobics has all the benefits of a high-intensity workout without the need of putting stress on your joints. This activity can help you improve your overall fitness levels by building strength, burning calories, and boosting your cardiovascular health. There … Continue reading

Step Aerobics Benefits

Looking for an up-tempo way to get your heart pumping and stay fit? Step aerobics is a choreographed cardio workout that gets your body in great physical shape. Participating in step aerobics can create a sense of community as well … Continue reading

Nighttime Exercises You Can Do on a CanDo® Yoga Mat

For most people, finding some part of their day to exercise can be satisfying. You can start your day off right by exercising in the morning or blow off some stress by exercising at night. If you are looking to … Continue reading

When is the Best Time to Exercise?

Having a hard time deciding when is the best time to work out? A lot of people are usually busy throughout the day, making it hard to find time to exercise. Between having a job, chores, errands, friends and family, … Continue reading

Proprioception Exercises

Proprioception is your body’s ability to sense where it is and adapt to any sudden changes in the environment. Some people may have reduced proprioception because of age, chronic injury, or neurological disease. This can make everyday tasks harder to … Continue reading

The Importance of Proprioception

If you have ever been able to walk without looking at your feet or touch your nose with your eyes closed, you have experienced proprioception. Also known as kinesthesia, proprioception is the ability to sense and freely move your body … Continue reading

Treadmills You May Want to Consider

Ah treadmills, life’s way of being able to get a good cardio workout indoors. This fabulous invention that just allows you to run in place can be crucial to one’s cardio routine. However, with many different treadmills on the market, … Continue reading

Does Walking on an Incline Up Your Walking Game?

Do you like to walk for exercise? Walking on a flat surface is fine, however if your body is too used to this you may need to find a more challenging place to walk. If you are looking to make … Continue reading

Benefits of Over-the-Door Cervical Traction

Having chronic and debilitating neck pain can be, well, a pain. This is why some physical therapists recommend using cervical traction as an alternate form of treating neck pain. If your physical therapist determines that you can use over-the-door as … Continue reading

Why Use Cervical Traction?

Ever have neck pain that just will not go away? If you have chronic neck pain or pain in your arm stemming from your neck, your physical therapist might recommend you try cervical traction exercises. Cervical traction exercises gently stretch … Continue reading

Exercises to Build Stronger Chest Muscles

Having a strong chest is essential for doing certain functions throughout the day, such as opening or closing a heavy door. If you are willing to work on getting a stronger chest, it is important to find the right chest … Continue reading

Why Chest Exercises are Important

If you have ever looked at a strength training regiment, the most common workouts you might see included are chest exercises. Why is that? Building strong chest muscles is important not only because it will help you have a better … Continue reading

Paraffin Wax Treatment at Home

Sometimes a paraffin wax treatment at a salon or spa can be expensive. Treatments can really add up, especially if you like to use it a lot. To save money, some people turn to using paraffin wax at home. Our … Continue reading

Why You Should Use Paraffin Wax

Have you ever had a wax treatment? Paraffin wax has many different uses, from spa treatments to therapy sessions. This solid wax is made of saturated hydrocarbons which is completely colorless, tasteless, and odorless. For something that does not have … Continue reading

Stay Cool with Cold Therapy

With some warm summer months ahead, it is important to stay cool. There is nothing cooler than using some of the cold therapy products we have to offer. Point Relief® Cool-It Roller The Cool-It Roller by Point Relief® combines all … Continue reading

Keep Hydrated this Summer!

This past Sunday marked the first day of summer! Summer means going outside and enjoying the warm weather with friends and family. With all the fun the summer months can bring, it can also bring extreme heat. If you are … Continue reading

CanDo® Training Stairs

Running or walking sometimes does not come easy, especially if you just got injured or are recovering from post-surgery. With CanDo® Training Stairs, therapists can help train their patients with progressive stepping. All our CanDo® staircases feature an all-hardwood plywood … Continue reading

How to Keep on Running

Have you been going out for a run more and going to the gym less? Turns out you are not alone. Many people have shifted the way they exercise since the pandemic hit. However, with many gyms now open one … Continue reading

Workouts to Strengthen your Glutes

Strengthening your gluteal muscles can help improve your posture, enhance your exercise performance, and decrease your risk of injury. There are many exercises that focus on your glutes, so it can be hard to figure out what you should do. … Continue reading

Why A Strong Backside is Important

Do you know what is the strongest part of your body? The largest and strongest muscles in your body are not your biceps. In fact, they are nowhere near the upper body. The strongest muscles in your body are actually … Continue reading

Important PPE Items for the Workplace

In observance of National Safety Month, we thought it would be a good idea to help anyone out there who still needs education on proper PPE equipment. With the COVID-19 pandemic still a thing it is important to continue to … Continue reading

National Safety Month 2021

This month marks the 25th anniversary of National Safety Month! National Safety Month is observed annually during the month of June to help raise awareness of keeping each other safe in the workplace. With the pandemic ongoing, it is crucial … Continue reading

Ease Back Pain with the Dynair Comfort Wedge

Sitting all day long for work can become uncomfortable for anyone who suffers from back pain. The good news is you do not have suffer if you do have to sit all day. There are ways to prevent back pain … Continue reading

Easing Back into Exercise

The weather is warming up, and you know what that means. It is time to get back into exercise for that desired beach bod. After everything that has happened in 2020, you may have become a couch potato all pandemic … Continue reading

Chiropractic Tools

There is no question that chiropractors like to use tools to help ease a patient’s pain and inflammation. Chiropractors mainly focus on the musculoskeletal and nervous systems, helping people with any pain in their head, back, neck or joints. With … Continue reading

Do You Need Physical Therapy or Chiropractic Care?

At face value, both physical therapy and chiropractic care look very similar. Both disciplines are practiced by licensed professionals who handle treating pain and stiffness in the human body. However, the way each discipline goes about administering treatments can slightly … Continue reading

Choosing the Right AIREX® Mat for You?

Do you need an exercise or yoga mat? AIREX® mats are lightweight, comfortable and do not slide on the floor. You can find them in various shapes and sizes to complement the different workout routines you have. With so many … Continue reading

Exercise Mat vs Yoga Mat: Is There a Difference?

When it comes to exercise, the human body needs at least half an hour of exercise each day to remain fit and healthy. Whether that be through yoga or another form of exercise, staying in shape is the ultimate goal. … Continue reading

What Can You Do with a Dual-Handle Medicine Ball?

If you have not heard already, the CanDo® Dual-Handle Medicine Ball is the perfect tool for abdominal training, rotational movement, and strength training. However, do you know what other exercises can you do with a dual-handle medicine ball? Luckily for … Continue reading

National Physical Fitness and Sports Month 2021

Did you know that May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month? During this annual observance, the President’s Council on Sports, Fitness & Nutrition encourages Americans to #MoveinMay. This campaign highlights the importance of staying active through sports and other … Continue reading

Use the Cuff® Weights to Build More Muscle

When it comes to building more muscle, it is important to continue to lift heavier weights. With more resistance, your muscles endure more tears in their fibers so that they can rebuild and get stronger. Performing reps until you feel … Continue reading

How to Increase Muscle Mass Fast

Do you want to get muscular? It takes time to pack on muscle mass but that should not detour you from getting physically fit. There are ways to expedite to whole muscle building process. You can get ripped and make … Continue reading

Stretching with CanDo® Resistance Bands

Do you stretch? There are various forms of stretching that allow you to choose how you want to maintain your flexibility. An opposite form to active stretching is passive stretching. This focuses more on using an external force to provide … Continue reading

What is Active Stretching?

Stretching is key to keep your muscles flexible, strong, and healthy. Being flexible helps maintain the range of motion in your joints. Without flexibility, your muscles will start to tighten, and this can become uncomfortable. To improve flexibility, a lot … Continue reading

Enhance Exercise Performance with EconoCuff

As mentioned in the previous article, caffeine can enhance your exercise performance. By consuming a small amount of caffeine an hour before you exercise, you can improve your exercise performance, burn off more fat, and have a faster recovery time. … Continue reading

Is Caffeine Good for You?

Do you know caffeine is the most commonly used natural stimulant in the world? Everyday billions of people around the world rely on caffeine to help them get through the day. Whether that be waking up in the morning with … Continue reading

The Best Tools for an Occupational Therapist

There is no doubt that occupational therapy plays an important role in peoples lives. This is thanks to both the skill and knowledge of the Occupational Therapist and the tools they use. A lot of people can recover both mentally … Continue reading

Occupational Therapy Month 2021

Occupational Therapists and their assistants are part of a vitally important profession that helps people of all ages be able to do the things they want to do using everyday activities. Every year throughout the month of April, we celebrate … Continue reading

Keep Children Moving with TOGU®

With some children still doing remote learning for school, it can be hard to get them active. Before the pandemic, children were able to go to recess and move around with other kids to release excess energy. However due to … Continue reading

National Doctors’ Day

Last year was definitely a rough one for everybody across the globe. But probably no one had it harder than doctors. Doctors who are just doing their job to save lives in the ongoing fight against COVID-19. They should be … Continue reading

Exercises for Weight Loss

Exercise is a key factor in losing weight. It helps get your heart rate up and allows you to burn calories. Any exercise can do this but there are certain exercises that are better for weight loss. Here are some … Continue reading

How to Lose Weight with Exercise in 2021

If your New Year’s resolution was to lose weight and you are still struggling to meet that goal, fear not. There are many ways you can lose weight, you just have to find out what method works best for you. … Continue reading

Stay Safe with CanDo® Ultra Hand Sanitizer

With safety being this week’s topic, we thought it would be a good idea to remind you to not just be safe with medical professionals but with everyone you encounter. One tool that can help keep you and others safe … Continue reading

Patient Safety Awareness Week 2021

When it comes to treating their patients, safety should be a medical professional’s number one concern. Sometimes patient safety can be overlooked and that can lead to very harmful medical mistakes. That is why the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) … Continue reading

Stretch your Way to a Good Night’s Sleep

For some of us, getting the right amount of sleep can be hard. Common barriers to sleep include hectic schedules, too much work, or you just feel too energized. We cannot stress enough how important sleep is and with National … Continue reading

National Sleep Awareness Week 2021

Are you aware of how much sleep you are getting every week? As human beings we all need sleep. No matter how many times you defy your bedtime, you eventually must go to bed. Sleep is crucial and it is … Continue reading

How CBD Treatments Work

Have you ever used CBD treatments? There is a growing amount of evidence that shows CBD could enhance a user’s workout performance. It also shows CBD has many therapeutic properties, such as quicker muscle recovery, increased pain relief, and improved … Continue reading

Can CBD Treatments Help you Workout?

There are a lot of supplements out there that can help you with your workout. You can potentially get stronger and faster taking certain supplements. However, what about supplements that can just help the recovery period? Taking an ibuprofen can … Continue reading

The Paw Pull with TOGU®

Stretching your dog is important for their health and flexibility. The Paw Pull is a great stretching exercise for dogs. Trainers use the Paw Pull for sporting dogs in the warm-up area, since there is a lot of stress on … Continue reading

Stretching Exercises for your Dog

Do you own a dog? Warming up with some stretching is important for us humans to do. It helps keep our muscles flexible, strong, and healthy. It turns out that dogs need that flexibility too so they can maintain a … Continue reading

What Treatment Tools Does a Hand Therapist Use?

Do you know what tools hand therapists use? There are a variety of tools that a hand therapist employs to make sure their patients recover quickly from hand surgery or injury. These tools are proven hand therapy treatment options that … Continue reading

When to Seek a Certified Hand Therapist

Is your hand in pain for some reason? Whether that be through surgery or you recently injured it, most likely you would be directed to see a Certified Hand Therapist. These highly trained therapists have spent years specializing in treating … Continue reading

Balance Training with the CanDo® Balance Pad

Balance training is an important component of fall prevention. Many experts in both sports medicine and physical therapy all agree that a balance pad is necessary for maintaining perfect balance throughout your everyday life. If you are bored of balance … Continue reading

The Benefits of Balance Training

Between work and life’s daily tasks, sometimes we need a little bit more balance in our lives. Yes, you probably need some balance mentally, but physical balance training can help you out more than you think. With balance training, you … Continue reading

Building Muscle with CanDo®

Building muscle is a rewarding process that involves a little bit of determination. With a set of CanDo® dumbbells you can build muscle in your upper body quick. Below we have listed some of our top muscle building exercises: Single … Continue reading

How Many Reps Does It Take to Build Muscle?

Building muscle not only makes you stronger but also it makes you more physically able to do everyday tasks that involve strength. For example, opening a jar of tomato sauce can become a lot easier after lifting weights. However, building … Continue reading

Ways to Avoid Wrist Overexertion

Wrist overexertion is no joke and can lead to pain, discomfort, and serious injuries. A lot of people who work at a desk all day may experience overexertion in the wrist from excessive typing or mouse use. To avoid this, … Continue reading

How to Protect Yourself from Overexertion

If you are constantly on the move, whether that be at work or somewhere else, you might be leaving yourself open for overexertion. Overexertion is the feeling your body gets when you push yourself too hard either physically or mentally. … Continue reading

Aerobic Exercises for a Healthy Heart

Your heart is one of the most important parts of your body. It powers us all to keep going and allows us to do what we want to do. It is extremely important for us to help maintain a healthy … Continue reading

Can Climbing Stairs Determine your Heart Health?

Do you know your heart beats about 2.5 billion times over the average person’s lifetime? This one part of your body is vital to your everyday health. If you ever wondered about your heart health, you might be able to … Continue reading

15-Minute Dumbbell Workout

If you are looking for a better night’s sleep and you want to try exercise to help, a quick 15-minute workout might be all you need. You do not need any fancy equipment either. All you need is a single … Continue reading

Exercise for Better Sleep

Did you know exercise can help you sleep? When it comes to exercising and sleeping, Yoga might be the first thing to pop in your mind. While Yoga does help people fall asleep faster and offers a truly restful sleep, … Continue reading

New Year, New Dynamometer – Introducing BIMS™ Digital Dynamometers

With the new year comes a brand-new dynamometer from Baseline®! Introducing the latest set of dynamometers in the Baseline® line up, Baseline® BIMS™ Digital Dynamometers. This new dynamometer is loaded with new features and is the perfect new tool for … Continue reading

What Exercise is Best at Burning Calories?

It is a brand-new year! And you want a brand new you, a healthier you. So, what is healthier than trying to burn off some calories? You indulged a little bit in holiday festivities and now it is time to … Continue reading

Top 3 Favorite Physical Therapy Items

Physical Therapy is a well-known practice that a lot of people can appreciate because it helps people get back to their everyday life. Every year, Physical Therapy is used to improve a patient’s physical functions through physical examination and rehabilitation. … Continue reading

Healthy New Year’s Resolution

After the end of one crazy year, maybe you are thinking about making some healthy life choices for the New Year. Most people give up on their New Year’s Resolution in a month or two when it comes to health … Continue reading

Stabilization Training for Runners

For runners, being able to run longer and faster is important to them. Going for a run requires a whole lot more than just using your legs, it involves your whole musculoskeletal system. Which is why some serious runners rely … Continue reading

Winter Running Tips

Yesterday marks the official start of winter, a season where going for run is more commonly postponed so you can stay at home where it is warm. One day it can be nice enough to go for a run and … Continue reading

Loosen Up with our Top Stretching Tools

The benefits of stretching far outweigh the problems you would get if you did not stretch. It is so easy to skip the stretching portion of your exercise routine. However, you end up hurting yourself in the end, quite literally, … Continue reading

Is Being Flexible Important?

Do you stretch before and after you exercise? Stretching to key to keeping your body limber and flexible. Flexibility is very important and should not be overlooked. If you are not flexible, your ability to exercise and perform everyday tasks … Continue reading

Fix Your Posture with Mat Exercises

Good posture does not just affect us when we are sitting and standing, but when we are working out as well. Most of us do not even think about our posture when we are working out. However, having an engaged … Continue reading

Why Good Posture is Important

Do you have good posture? Since grammar school, you were probably told to sit up straight and have good posture. As people grow older that request to stand up tall becomes less and less frequent. Eventually people find themselves in … Continue reading

CanDo® Holiday Shopping List 2020

Thanksgiving is over and you know what time of the year it is. It is time for the holidays! This year has been a tough year for everyone, so why not cheer up a loved one with some great gifts. … Continue reading

Full-Body Workout vs. Isolation Workout

When it comes to working out, there are two routes you can take to get the results you want. Depending on how much time you have, you can either choose between a full-body workout or go for a more isolated … Continue reading

How to Intensify Your Walk

Walking is a great way to burn off calories and you can intensify it if it is too simple for you. Burning off that holiday Turkey can be speeded up by adding a little spice to what might otherwise be … Continue reading

How to Walk off That Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving is almost here, and it is time to break out the sweatpants. Not just to loosen up the waist area but also to go for a walk afterwards. But the burning question is how far will you need to … Continue reading

Use Face Protection for any Outdoor or Indoor Activity

Are you planning on exploring the outdoors? Well you might want to consider wearing some face protection. Items such as safety glasses or protection strips, will give you the protection you need to do what you want outside the comfort … Continue reading

National Hiking Day

Today is the day you need to take a hike…because it is National Hiking Day! For years people have been hiking and for good reason. This activity offers many health benefits, and it is a great way to experience nature. … Continue reading

15 Minute Core Workout with the CanDo® Inflatable Ball

Do you want a strong core? Turns out you can make that dream into a reality with just 15 minutes of your time and a CanDo® Inflatable Ball. Here are the exercises you should perform each day to get those … Continue reading

Why You Need a Strong Core

When you think of core exercises, most people relate this to getting six pack abs. While having flat six pack abs is nice, having a strong core is better. What is the difference? To understand just how vital core strength … Continue reading

15 Minute CanDo® MGE™ Workout

If you have trouble sleeping, a quick workout before bed might get you tired enough to have a good night’s sleep. This band workout is only 15 minutes of your time and with little to no rest in between sets … Continue reading

Is Daylight Savings Bad for Your Health?

This past Sunday marked the end daylight savings time, and you know what that means? It is time to set back the clock. While a lot of people think setting back the clock an hour is merely an inconvenience, some … Continue reading

Exercises for Wrist and Forearm Pain

Do you know repetitive motions can create stiffness in your wrists and forearms that can lead to tendonitis pain? If you are experiencing tendonitis in your forearm, just know it is not permanent. There are exercises that you can do … Continue reading

What Causes Wrist and Forearm Pain?

Ever have a sharp pain sensation in your wrist or forearm and wonder where it came from? Turns out you might have tendonitis which is an inflammation of the muscles and tendons of the forearm. There can be multiple causes … Continue reading

Begin Your HIRT Workouts with CanDo®

HIRT workouts are great for making you feel stronger, more energized and reinvigorated about fitness. You do not even need that much exercise equipment to get the variety and results you want. A pair of CanDo® Dumbbells and a CanDo® … Continue reading