Can’t Grip Dumbbells? Here Are Some Alternatives.

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Some patients may experience difficulties with gripping exercise equipment, such as dumbbells. Grip strength can be affected by impairments and functional limitations due to a medical condition or injury. The clinician may have trouble choosing alternative exercises for these clients, that would normally be performed using dumbbells. However, there are some great alternatives out there that can help you achieve the same intended goals. 

The Cuff® Weight Original:

The Cuff® rehabilitation wrist and ankle weight has been used effectively in hospitals for over 30 years. It snuggly fits the ankle, wrist, and even thigh, and features heavy-duty materials and double stitching throughout. Its long closure strap assures a secure and comfortable fit, even during the most strenuous exercise programs. The Cuff® exercise weights are color-coded, marked with both pounds and kilograms, and have grommets for hanging on any pegboard weight rack. Available from .025 to 25 pounds (0.125 to 12.5 kilograms) and sold individually or in sets. 

CanDo® Multi-Grip Exerciser:

The CanDo® Multi-Grip Exerciser is designed to provide unlimited exercise options to users who want to do various high-impact performance exercises. Each exerciser contains both large and small loops that are easy to grip. Use the small loops as an anchor or for finger exercises. Use the larger loops around the hands and feet to perform high-impact upper- and lower-body exercises. Easily change resistance by moving one loop up or down the exerciser or using a different resistance; progressively exercise with eight different color-coded resistance levels. The CanDo® Multi-Grip Exerciser is made of an unscented cloth that can be washed and dried. It does not contain latex or powder coating. Available in nine-loop (6 ft. exercisers) and 30-yard rolls (15 exercisers).

You can perform various exercises by utilizing the loops around the involved extremity. Doing this would ultimately help the patient perform the exercise without having to grip the product at all. The material is also comfortable on the skin, which could have less friction and irritation.

As you can see, there are alternatives to dumbbells if there are any difficulties with gripping. You can determine which products are best for your patients based on individualized clinical presentation.

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Article Written By Eric Trauber, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS, FAAOMPT