Halloween Activities to Improve Fine Motor Skills

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Halloween Activities to Improve Fine Motor Skills

Happy Physical Therapy month and Happy Halloween! Are you looking for ways to help your kids have fun this Halloween while also sharpening their motor skills? Halloween is the perfect time to get creative and explore some unique activities that will do just that. Kids of all ages can benefit from Halloween-themed activities that develop motor skills as they get into their spookiest costumes. Let’s look at some of the best Halloween activities designed to enhance your children’s improved hand-eye coordination, problem solving, and more!

Rubber Band Pumpkin

The rubber band pumpkin activity is just as it sounds. Placing rubber bands on a pumpkin! Though it sounds simple, it is a great activity for your child to work on their finger strength as they attempt to put rubber bands on the pumpkin. They will also understand the concept of stretching out the rubber band enough to place it around the pumpkin. All you need is a packet of rubber bands and a small sized pumpkin to let the fun begin.

TheraPutty® Halloween Shapes

TheraPutty® is one of the best fine motor skill development tools a child can use. It is even better when they use it to make fun Halloween themed shapes. Show them a picture of a bat, spider, or pumpkin and have them try to replicate it with TheraPutty®. As they try to make the shape, they are working on their grip strength by pinching and grasping the TheraPutty®.

Spider Web Plate Lace

This can be a fun lacing game that works on a child’s fine motor skills while also creating a fun piece or arts and craft. All you need is a paper plate, a hole punch, a pen, and some yarn. Punch six holes all around the edge of the plate and number them 1 through 6. Then have the child thread the yarn through each hole to create the spider web. Some kids may need more assistance than others as they try to lace the yarn through the hole while also holding the plate. Once they are done, you can take a plastic spider or an image of a spider and glue it to the middle to finish the art project.

These are some great Halloween activities for children to channel their excitement and energy into improving their motor skills. Parents will love watching their little ones hone in on skills that help create a foundation for future learning as they have a blast this Halloween season!

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Article written by William Graves.