How to Inflate an Exercise Ball Properly

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How to Inflate an Exercise Ball Properly

Inflatable exercise balls are popular exercise equipment that can be used in gyms and even in the office. Not only are they more fun to use than medicine balls or dumbbells, but they can help you work on your core strength and flexibility while having some extra cushioning for low impact workouts. But before you jump right in, it’s important that you know how to properly inflate an exercise ball so that it can provide maximum support for optimal safety and effectiveness.

Properly inflating your exercise ball is extremely simple, all you need to do is follow some simple steps. The first and most important step would be to make sure you know the recommended pressure of your specific inflatable ball. You can do this by checking the manufacturer’s instructions on your exercise ball. It is important that you do this because if it is too high or too low a pressure, it can affect the stability and comfort of the ball. Next, you are going to want to acquire the necessary materials to inflate the ball. That would be an air pump and possibly a suitable adapter if your pump does not have the correct valve. Next, you are going to want to locate a small valve somewhere on the inflatable ball. Some balls have one valve, but most balls have a dual valve system. Where there is a small valve that traps the air and a larger valve that releases the air. Make sure you open the small valve by gently pulling it out with a suitable tool or your finger.

Once you have located the small valve and opened it, it is time to inflate the ball! You will do this by inserting the air pump into the small valve of the ball and start inflating. It is recommended that you slowly inflate the ball and periodically check the air pressure with a gauge to make sure you are reaching the recommended pressure. After the exercise ball has reached the desired pressure, remove the air pump and carefully close the valve. Make sure it is closed nice and tight to avoid any air leaks. You then want to check the inflatable ball to make sure it provides the correct firmness and stability. All you must do is sit on it and adjust the pressure if necessary. If the ball is too firm, you can deflate it to reduce the pressure. Just open the larger valve or the same valve you used to inflate the ball (if there is only one) to release the air.

With the right pressure, an exercise ball can greatly enhance your training. Not only is a properly inflated ball safer, giving you more stability, it’s also more comfortable by adjusting to your body’s needs. However, it is important to note that all inflatable balls have different recommended pressures according to their manufacturer. This is why it’s essential that you read the manufacturer’s instructions before inflating your exercise ball in order to get the most out of your workout and prevent any potential injury. So, if you want to feel confident while working out with an exercise ball, the right amount of air pressure makes a huge difference. Just make sure you become familiar with the recommendations for pressure before getting started so you can make the most of this unique equipment!

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Article written by William Graves.