How To Improve Shoulder Range of Motion?

Individuals who experience shoulder pain may have difficulty with performing shoulder range of motion to participate in daily activities.  Daily activities may include dressing, bathing, grooming, reaching, among many other tasks to help us throughout the day.  Those who are … Continue reading

National Chiropractic Health Month 2022

Wow it is October already! It is that time of the year for all ghosts and ghouls to come out. Alongside this spooky month comes the appreciation for chiropractic health. That is right, this October the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) … Continue reading

How Do I Manage Tight Muscles?

Individuals may experience tight muscles or muscle spasms on occasion whether it was the result of an injury or insidious onset.   Those individuals may seek the guidance of a medical professional to help decrease pain and improve overall function.  However, … Continue reading

Fall into Physical Fitness with these Fun Tips

This week marks the first full week of Fall! With the end of summer comes changing leaves and dropping temperatures. But that does not mean you can’t still enjoy some outdoor physical activity. You might just have to adjust your … Continue reading

Want to Feel Your Core Working? Try Pressure Biofeedback Gauges

Core stabilization exercises are excellent to improve strength, flexibility, range of motion, and better balance.  However, performing these exercises can feel challenging.  Sometimes we aren’t sure if we are activating the ‘right’ muscles when performing the exercises.  Perhaps we need … Continue reading

Postnatal Exercises You Can Do After Pregnancy

Postnatal exercises can help you recover, make you stronger and even improve your mood. If you’re eager to get moving, you might be wondering when it would be safe to return to exercise. While every pregnancy is different, if you … Continue reading

How Should We Strengthen the Shoulder? Rhythmic Stabilization.

Shoulder pain is a common condition experienced by many people. Individuals may need to strengthen specific muscles to help reduce symptoms. Traditional shoulder exercises typically will focus on one plane of movement.  However, the human body moves and functions in … Continue reading

Is it Safe to Exercise While Pregnant?

Pregnancy might seem like the perfect time to quit exercising or even allow you to put it off until after childbirth. This is likely due to feeling more tired than usual, and possible back aches associated with carrying extra weight. … Continue reading

Should Grip Strength Testing Positions be Standardized?

Grip strength testing is an objective measure that is highly utilized among clinicians.  Grip strength testing can tell us a lot about an individual.  However, when we proceed to test these individuals, the question becomes, how should we test them? … Continue reading

How to Clean Your Yoga Mat

Have you thought about cleaning your yoga mat? The truth is, with frequent usage, your yoga mat can quickly accumulate all your sweat, skin oils, dirt and grime. Between yoga classes and core workouts, your yoga mat might be harboring … Continue reading