CanDo® Holiday Shopping List 2020

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Full-Body Workout vs. Isolation Workout

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How to Intensify Your Walk

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How to Walk off That Thanksgiving Feast

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Use Face Protection for any Outdoor or Indoor Activity

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National Hiking Day

Today is the day you need to take a hike…because it is National Hiking Day! For years people have been hiking and for good reason. This activity offers many health benefits, and it is a great way to experience nature. … Continue reading

15 Minute Core Workout with the CanDo® Inflatable Ball

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Why You Need a Strong Core

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15 Minute CanDo® MGE™ Workout

If you have trouble sleeping, a quick workout before bed might get you tired enough to have a good night’s sleep. This band workout is only 15 minutes of your time and with little to no rest in between sets … Continue reading

Is Daylight Savings Bad for Your Health?

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