4 New Exercises for the New Year

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4 New Exercises for the New Year

Happy New Year! It is a new year and possibly new you. If you are one of the many people who made their new year’s goal to start exercising again, it is time to get motivated! Sometimes it can be hard to get back into exercising, especially if you have not done it in a while. Which is why we have listed out what you can do to help you get back into shape:

Flexibility and Mobility Workout

Before you take on any exercise, the first thing you want to do is to get your body ready for it. Mobility workouts really get your blood flowing and can increase your range of motion. This can decrease your chance of injuring yourself and help your body adjust to the new demands that happen with exercise. You may want to start out with a flexibility test to see where you at and repeatedly measure your progress with. The Baseline® Sit n’ Reach® is the premier device for indicating your maximum stretch. Simply place your feet on the plate and stretch your body forward as much as you can without bending your knees for the best results.


The key to getting back into exercise is to take it slow and start with something easy. Because you don’t want to start with something hard and get burned out on the first day. Probably the easiest exercise you can do is going for a walk. You can go for a walk in your neighborhood, find an indoor track or even use a treadmill. Be sure that you are taking at least 30 minutes of your day to go for a walk every day to get maximum benefits. You can then amp up the difficulty later to a jog or a run when you feel confident enough.

Strength Training

After a week or so of flexibility training and some light cardio, you might be able to incorporate some strength training into your routine. Strength training really works on your muscles, which are important for basic everyday movement. You don’t have to get big or buff, you just need light weights to really activate your muscles. Pick up your favorite CanDo® Dumbbells and begin to do squats, bicep curls and bench presses. Make sure you are switching what muscle group you do each day, so you don’t overwork your muscles.

Exercising regularly is important to improving your overall health. Daily workouts can help fight disease and improve your overall mood. So don’t be quitter and get motivated so that you can stay active for the new year.

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Article written by William Graves.