StayPut Non-Slip Material is the perfect choice for securing a wide range of objects, from mixing bowls and plates to office equipment. Whether you’re looking to make an area of your home or workplace more secure or want to ensure safety for those in care facilities and hospitals, this is the perfect product for you.
    Provide a secure and non-slip surface for tables, chairs and the floor in clinics, healthcare facilities and homes using this non-slip material. Use the strips with canes, wheelchairs, utensils and much more.
    Use fastening tape with adjustable closure anywhere you need to make multiple adjustments. The two sides of the tape adhere to each other, one side has rough hooks and the other side is made of soft, fuzzy material.
    The perfect combination of tools to assist people during rehab or in daily activities such as bathing, dressing and reaching. Some helpful items in a kit consist of reachers, dressing aids and bathroom aids.
    Help people retrieve hard to reach items by giving an additional length without having to bend, stretch or strain the body.
    Boost Independence and dignity for people all ages by using tools to help those in rehab, with special needs or limited mobility to dress themselves.
    Gait belts are actually a back saving device for caregivers. They help to lift and transfer. as well as provide a secure grasp on patients with limited mobility and balance deficiencies.
    Key holders, door knob grippers and plug pullers are just a few tools that can make it easier to perform household activities on a daily basis. Promote independence for a better quality of life.
    Make meal-time a pleasurable experience rather than a frustrating time. Adapted plate guards and bowls help make it easier for those with low-vision, tremors or decreased fine-motor-skills to eat by themselves.
    Make it easier to eat by utilizing adapted utensils and cutlery. Weighted forks, spoons and knives are perfect for those with tremors; bendable utensils accommodate various grips and built-up handles make cutlery easier to hold.