What is Active Sitting?

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What is Active Sitting?

It can be hard sometimes to stay productive and focused on work while having to sit in a chair all day. If you have ever noticed your coworkers shifting more often in their chairs or slowly rising from one position to another, they are doing what is called active sitting. Active sitting has surged in popularity over recent years, with desk and office workers turning to this new ergonomic method to promote productivity, reduce stress, improve posture, and ease physical discomfort while they work.

Active sitting sounds almost like a trendy buzzword that will give office workers the boost they need to stay alert. That is far from the truth. Active sitting works to engage your core muscles much more frequently than you do when you’re sitting in a regular office chair. Your core muscles include everything from your back to your sides and even your abdomen and chest. While sitting down in a regular chair, your core muscles don’t need to do any work, creating that extremely comfortable feeling. By getting too comfortable, you can end up getting into bad seating habits such as slouching. Poor posture can lead to negative health effects and can ultimately damage your spine. By actively working your core muscles you can promote muscles strength, maintain a healthy spine, improve posture, increase blood circulation, burn calories, and even improve your concentration.

Now that you know what active sitting does, the next question is how do you practice it? You can participate in active sitting by getting round or inflatable seats that really forces your core to maintain balance. The key is to have a seat that is just a little bit uncomfortable and engages your core muscles. You don’t want something so comfortable that you slouch but you also don’t want something so uncomfortable that you can’t sit either. What you want is either a CanDo® Inflatable Ball or CanDo® Inflatable Disc. The CanDo® Inflatable Ball can be used for other exercise methods but is also a fun active sitting device. Once fully inflated, you can bounce around on it while you work or just sit on it normally and engage your core. If you still want to keep your office chair but want to spice it up with active sitting, then the CanDo® Inflatable Disc may be right for you. The inflatable disc mimics the movement and shape of an inflatable ball when used on any seat. Giving you the same benefits of active sitting.

Active sitting is a great way to improve productivity at work, while promoting core strength, a healthy spine, better posture, increased circulation, and more. Not to mention the extra bonus of burning calories! If you are considering making the switch in your office setup, but aren’t sure where to start, be sure to check out CanDo® Inflatable Balls and Discs. They are an easy way to get into good habits surrounding active sitting as they are both comfortable and actively engage your core.

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Article written by William Graves.