Grip Strength Can Be a Prognostic Factor for Dexterity.

Did you know that grip strength can tell you a whole lot about an individual’s dexterity. Dexterity is extremely important to allow us to perform various tasks and activities of daily living. Understanding the relationship of grip strength and dexterity … Continue reading

Exercises are Strategies. Strategies are Exercises.

Clinicians will often prescribe therapeutic exercises to address various impairments and functional limitations. These exercises are specific in nature to help patients improve strength, range of motion, decrease pain, decrease disability, and improve overall general functional mobility.  Exercises can have … Continue reading

Can’t Grip Dumbbells? Here Are Some Alternatives.

Some patients may experience difficulties with gripping exercise equipment, such as dumbbells. Grip strength can be affected by impairments and functional limitations due to a medical condition or injury. The clinician may have trouble choosing alternative exercises for these clients, … Continue reading

What Can I Do for Achilles Tendonitis?

Achilles tendinopathy is a common condition experienced by many individuals. Those who participate in recreational or competitive sports may be susceptible to developing this condition.1 Evidence indicates clinicians should utilize mechanical loading to decrease pain and improve overall function.1 Exercises … Continue reading

What are the Most Important Questions to Ask During an Initial Interview with a Patient?

The initial interview is probably one of the most important moments of a patient’s episode of care. This is an opportunity for clinicians to learn how to receive prudent information that will help guide them during clinical decision making. The … Continue reading

How to Individualize Pinch Grip Strength Evaluations? The Baseline BIMS Pinch Dynamometer.

Pinch grip strength is an important objective measurement that is generally taken during regular physical examinations of patients presenting with various impairments and functional limitations. Pinch grip strength is important to assess as it allows us to perform everyday tasks … Continue reading

How To Individualize Hand Flexion Strengthening? Try the CanDo® Digi-Flex Multi®.

Hand strengthening is important to help address grip strength deficient, muscular imbalances, and improve overall function.  Hand flexion strengthening is important for certain tasks including activities of daily living.  Hand flexion strengthening is also important as it makes up many … Continue reading

Can You Objectively Measure Pain?

Can You Objectively Measure Pain? Pain is a common symptom associated with a patient’s clinical presentation.  Understanding pain is extremely important to help guide clinical decision making as well as the entire episode of care.  Pains allows us to truly … Continue reading

Trouble Measuring with Goniometers? Give These a Try!

Goniometry is important to objectively measure the range of motion of a given patient. This information will help guide clinical decision making and help the clinician develop the most effective plan of care. However, sometimes it can be difficult to … Continue reading

The CanDo® Wrist/Forearm Exerciser.

Clinicians will prescribe certain exercises to help address individual impairments and functional limitations of a given patient. Typically exercises may include very general exercises including wrist curls and stretches. A lot of these exercises are very generic and can be … Continue reading