Exercises for Wheelchair Users

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Exercises for Wheelchair Users

Being in a wheelchair does not mean you have to sacrifice your physical well-being and miss out on the benefits of exercise. Contrary to popular belief, there are plenty of exercises that can be done from a seated position, specifically designed for those who use wheelchairs. It is important for wheelchair users to have some fun and effective exercises that can be incorporated into your daily routine. These exercises can help manual wheelchair users to improve their mobility. They will also help wheelchair users in general, maintain strength and boost overall wellness.

Lat Pull Downs

Lat Pull Downs are great for strengthening the muscles of your mid back, upper arms, and core. Which helps with many of the movements we do every day such as pulling and pushing. All you need to do is have a Padded Exercise Bar with Tubing and to remove the armrests from wheelchair if possible. To begin, place the resistance band hanging from the bar slightly in front of you and underneath the seat. Then, pick up the bar by holding each end and pull it towards you with your elbow wide. Make sure you are sitting up straight and bring your elbows towards your body as if you are trying to tuck them into your back pockets. Hold that position for one second before going back to the starting position. Do this for 15 reps to complete the set. Try to complete 3 sets.

Reverse Fly

The Reverse Fly helps strengthen the rear deltoid muscles that run along the back of the shoulder. These muscles are necessary for shoulder stability and movement during pulling and lifting activities. To begin, loop the CanDo® Intensity Loop around a sturdy object in front of you. Then, raise your arms out in front of you to shoulder level and move your arms straight out to the side. Make sure you are keeping your shoulders down and back and are squeezing the area between your shoulder blades. Do this for 15 reps to complete the set. Try to complete 3 sets.

Hand Cycling

Hand Cycling is an amazing workout for your arms and shoulders. It is also a great cardiovascular exercise that benefits heart health and overall well-being. All you need is a CanDo® Bi-Directional UBE. To begin, position yourself in front of the Bi-Directional UBE at a comfortable distance and set the tension. You can start off on the easiest setting first before increasing the tension as you get stronger. Once you have the tension you desire, simply move the pedals in a forward motion with your hands. Do this for 5 to 30 minutes every single day.

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Article written by William Graves.