The Benefits of Foam Rolling

If you are new to exercising, you may see people at the gym using a tool called a foam roller. Most people look at others using a foam roller and wonder what exactly they are doing. For those who are … Continue reading

Product Spotlight: CanDo® Inflatable Balance Discs

This year for National Chiropractic Month the American Chiropractic Association is placing focus on informing the public on the importance of your musculoskeletal (MSK) system. One exercise tool that can be used to help improve your MSK system is a … Continue reading

National Chiropractic Health Month 2019

Every year, the month of October is recognized as National Chiropractic Health Month. Around this time of the year the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) celebrates chiropractic health and promotes ways it can be improved. This year, the ACA specifically wants … Continue reading

Product Spotlight: CanDo® Digi-Flex®

If you have suffered from a hand or finger injury, you might want to consider using the CanDo® Digi-Flex® with your hand therapist. In our previous blog, we mentioned some of our favorite exercises you can do with a Digi-Flex® … Continue reading

Improve Hand Strength with Digi-Flex®

Have you ever had to seek a hand therapist? Whether it is to recover from hand surgery or to strengthen your hands, one tool recommended by hand therapists is our CanDo® Digi-Flex®! A lot of people know of the Digi-Flex®, … Continue reading

Tools to Help Prevent the Flu

During flu season you should not always rely on just the flu shot to help you prevent the flu. Yes, it is very effective and a nice line of defense, but it does not help as much if you are … Continue reading

Early Flu Vaccinations

As Fall has just fallen upon us, so has colder weather and flu season. Although flu season does not reach its peak until around December through February, that does not mean that you should wait to get your flu shot … Continue reading

Treating Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is not a great feeling, but, as mentioned in our previous blog, it is treatable. If you have just started feeling pain in your lower back, there are multiple treatment options. Below are some products that you … Continue reading

Lower Back Pain

Do you have lower back pain? According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), at least 80 percent of Americans will experience lower back pain in their lifetime. This makes it one of the most common causes … Continue reading

Types of CBD Products

CBD products come in many different forms to suit different peoples’ preferences and needs. To suit these preferences, we offer a variety of different AmourCBD products, each containing CBD in them. All AmourCBD products contains pure CBD extract and 0.0% … Continue reading

What is CBD?

Have you heard the term CBD? Recently, CBD has become a new buzzword in the health and wellness industry. CBD has been infiltrating pretty much every corner of the wellness world, from coffee shops and spas to retail stores. Everyone … Continue reading

Product Spotlight: CanDo® Stockinette

Has your doctor ever recommended that you use a stockinette sleeve? There are multiple medical issues that stockinette can help with. As mentioned in our article “Stockinette in Sports”, stockinette can offer great compression for those who have bursitis, or … Continue reading

Stockinette in Sports

Have you ever noticed while watching your favorite sport on TV, some of the athletes wear arm sleeves? Turns out that these “sleeves” are a medical garment called stockinette. Stockinette is a compression garment that can be used on the … Continue reading

Exercising with the CanDo® Multi-Grip™ Exerciser

Ready for your total-body workout? Our CanDo® Multi-Grip™ Exerciser is the perfect tool to add to your total-body workout routine! This resistance exerciser is lightweight, space saving and highly portable. It is designed to provide unlimited exercise options to users … Continue reading

Total-Body vs Body Part-Focused Workouts

Everyone has their own goals when it comes to exercising. Some people like to get extremely big and strong, some people want to lose a few pounds and others just want to maintain their physical fitness. There are a variety … Continue reading

Product Spotlight: CanDo® Full Body Massager

If you desire a deeper massage and your hands are not doing the trick, maybe it is time to look for a self-massage tool. Self-massage tools are great for those individuals who can’t reach certain areas of their body or … Continue reading

Self-Massage Tips

Have you ever gotten a professional massage before? For some people, paying for a professional massage can be expensive. Sometimes it is best to just do things yourself because you know your body and what exactly you need. Self-massages are … Continue reading

Product Spotlight: CanDo® Ball Chairs

Have you used one of our CanDo® ball chairs before? If so, you may have noticed that the inflatable ball only comes in the color black. Now you can personalize your ball chair! For the first time, we are now … Continue reading

Training with Calisthenics

Are you the type of person who does not like to go for a run to exercise? Many people seek alternatives to running when looking for a cardio based workout. Going for a run is not fun for everyone but … Continue reading

Product Spotlight: CanDo® DIGI-Grip™

Are you looking to improve strength and flexibility in your hands, fingers or forearms? If your hands are weak post-surgery or -injury, you may want to ask your doctor about using a CanDo® DIGI-Grip™ during your recovery. The CanDo® DIGI-Grip™ … Continue reading

Arthritis and the Weather

Many people with arthritis might mention time and time again, “the weather is affecting my arthritis.” This may happen every time “bad” weather comes, as some people claim they can feel it in their bones and body. Though many people … Continue reading

CanDo® Products for Professional Gaming

Like other professional athletes, professional e-Sport gamers train and condition their bodies for competition. To train, these athletes use a lot of various products, many of which are common within the Physical Therapy field. Below we’ve detailed a few training … Continue reading

Training for Professional Gaming

Nowadays, sports can encompass a variety of different athletes. In the world of e-Sports, professional gaming athletes mainly use their hands and fingers to gain victory over their opposing team. As a result of this hand use, it’s key that … Continue reading

Exercising with Aquatic Hand Bars

In the hot summer months, it is important to stay cool and hydrated. Nothing feels more cooling and relaxing than going to the pool. You can do all sorts of activities at the pool, including working out. If you are … Continue reading

What is Proper Hydration?

The summer can bring about some extremely hot days, especially around July and August. Therefore, it is important to stay cool and hydrated all summer long to avoid dehydration. Drinking water is the best way to stay hydrated however, do … Continue reading

Using TheraPutty® for Hand Rehabilitation

Physical Therapists (PTs) have an arsenal of products and equipment to help their patients recover from their injuries. When it comes to hand therapy there are several different products to use depending on the type of hand injury. One product … Continue reading

What Do Physical Therapists Do?

Have you ever been referred to a Physical Therapist? Physical Therapists (PTs) are a crucial part of rehabilitation and recovery. After a thorough evaluation, a PT will put together a plan of care to help patients rehabilitate and manage their … Continue reading

Active-Dynamic Sitting at Work

Do you sit at your desk for hours at a time at work every day? Hours of sitting for long periods of time can often lead to health problems such as back pain and impaired efficiency. The best way to … Continue reading

Is Sitting too much of a Health Issue?

Did you know that when you sit you are using less energy than when you stand or move? Though that may seem like common sense, it is an important fact that should be kept in mind. Sitting for prolonged periods … Continue reading

Product Spotlight: CanDo® Inflatable Exercise Balls

This July 4th you can add a little bit of fun and exercise to your party. Exercise balls are often used to improve balance, coordination, flexibility, and strength but they can also be used just for fun. We offer a … Continue reading

July 4th Health and Safety Tips

Are you celebrating the July 4th holiday this week? By tweaking certain ways you have fun for this holiday you can celebrate and remain healthy and safe. Below we’ve listed some health and safety tips you might consider this July … Continue reading

Product Spotlight: CanDo® Kinesiology Tape

Have you used kinesiology tape before? Kinesiology tape is used by many people to help improve their bodies’ ability to heal. When this tape placed on sore muscle areas, the skin slightly lifted away from sore or injured tissues. This … Continue reading

Athletic Trainers and the NATA

Have you ever been treated by an Athletic Trainer? Even though the word “athletic” is in the name, Athletic Trainers can be found treating people not only in a sports setting, but also in other professional settings like Hospitals, Performing … Continue reading

Practice Safety with Gait Belts

Focusing on national safety month, it is important to be safe and reduce injury. Working as a caregiver can be a difficult job that can place people in situations where he or she might get injured. Moving patients from one … Continue reading

National Safety Month 2019

Every year in June is known as National Safety Month! This month focuses on safety and it promotes awareness to reduce the leading causes of injury at work, on the road, in our homes and in our communities. For 2019, … Continue reading

WaxWel® Paraffin Wax for Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a great stress reliever and a WaxWel® paraffin wax treatment is ideal for soothing pain in your hands and feet. What if we told you that you can combine the two by using WaxWel® scented wax? Our WaxWel® … Continue reading

Aromatherapy for Stress Relief

Everyone has had the feeling of stress. Turns out, people get stressed for different reasons. This feeling varies from person to person. Whether it is at work, school or just life, stress can be a real pain. Thankfully there are … Continue reading

Pillows for Better Sleep

If you are not having a good night’s sleep this may affect your mood. Tossing and turning every night is harmful to your sleep and if you find yourself doing this it might be time to change your sleeping habits. … Continue reading

Daily Habits to Improve your Mood

If you in a bad mood that you cannot seem to get out of there are steps you can take to help it. By modifying your daily activities and habits you can potentially improve your mood and lead a happier … Continue reading

Use AIREX® for Exercising Outdoors

As mentioned in our previous article, exercising outdoors can help save money and time as well as improve your mood. However, your mood might not be so great if you need to sit, stand or kneel on some hard ground. … Continue reading

The Benefits of Exercising Outdoors

Exercising is a great way to keep healthy and active but sometimes exercising indoors is not very exciting. With the weather getting warmer, now is a great time to exercise outdoors. Below we’ve listed some benefits of exercising outdoors: Improved … Continue reading

Product Spotlight: the CanDo® Magneciser®

Are you the type of person who likes to workout at night? Do your workouts wake up other members of your family? If you need an exercise tool that is designed to be quiet, try using the CanDo® Magneciser®! The … Continue reading

Benefits of a Nighttime Workout

Do you exercise in the morning? Early morning workouts to start off the day might not be as beneficial as you think when it comes to sleeping at night. New research, shown in Cell Metabolism, has found a significant link … Continue reading

Product Spotlight: CanDo® Tubing-with-Handles

Osteoporosis is a terrible disease that is responsible for over a million broken bones each year. For many people it’s a major cause of fractures, back pain, spinal problems and loss of independence. While Osteoporosis cannot be cured, there are … Continue reading

National Osteoporosis Month

Do you have or know someone who has osteoporosis? This disease creates a loss of bone density and can occur as people age. It is responsible for over a million broken bones each year, and is a major cause of … Continue reading

Product Spotlight: the Cuff® wrist and ankle weights

National Physical Fitness and Sports Month is a great time get into shape and stay active. There are many ways to be active, whether that is through sports or other fitness activities. One product that can help with both sports … Continue reading

National Physical Fitness and Sports Month 2019

Do you know that May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month? For those who are not aware, National Physical Fitness and Sports Month is an annual observance that promotes staying active through sports and other fitness activities. Regular physical … Continue reading

Product Spotlight: CanDo® Twist-n’ Bend®

Hand and wrist strength are key to making progress in a strength training workout. By strengthening hand and wrist muscles you may be able to lift heavier weights. If you have weak wrists, there are many exercise tools you can … Continue reading

Ready for Spring Allergies?

Allergy season is here, and it is here to stay for a while. The weather throughout the year can impact the severity of allergens. With milder Winters, Spring allergies are becoming worse. This is because with warmer weather trees tend … Continue reading

Make your Spring Exercises Sup-R!

Spring is in the air and during this time people tend to ramp up their exercise routines. Sometimes the cold weather from the Winter can detour people from working out. The warmer weather of the Spring is a great motivator … Continue reading

Preparing for Spring Exercises

Spring is here and you know what that means, getting back into shape for summer! The warmer weather is great for going on walks, hikes and other outdoor activities. After coming out of a Winter exercise hibernation, it is good … Continue reading

Product Spotlight: TOGU® Challenge Disc

Balance and coordination skills are an important part of life. It’s essential to continuously train those skills, so you do not lose them when you get older. With the TOGU® Challenge Disc, you can measure and improve your balance and … Continue reading

Balance and Coordination Exercises for the Elderly

Balance and coordination are vital skills to have and it is very important to maintain these skills. When people grow older, they tend to be more prone to falls. Apart from chronic illnesses, other reasons such as impaired eyesight, side … Continue reading

HawkGrips® Emollients

Have you ever been treated for soft tissue dysfunction using Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM)? This treatment instruments can end scar tissue build-up caused by weak tendons, muscles, and ligaments. For patient comfort, clinicians should use emollients on their … Continue reading

Why Moisturizers Work

Spring is here and even though the weather is warming up, it can still be cold in April. Most people tend to heat their homes to stay warm, however this can create an environment of dry heat. This dry heat … Continue reading

Product Spotlight: CanDo® graded pinch finger exerciser

Being able to pinch things is something most of us take for granted. Pinching is essential for daily activities such as gripping a coin, opening a door, or holding a plate or drink. For those with pinch issues, we suggest … Continue reading

Occupational Therapy Month

Do you know that every April people celebrate Occupational Therapy Month? An Occupational Therapist (OT) or Occupational Therapy assistant, works in a vitally important profession that helps people across all ages participate in everyday tasks they want and need to … Continue reading

Product Spotlight: CanDo® Inflatable ABS Ball

Exercise balls are a versatile tool used to improve balance, coordination, flexibility and strength. They can even be used just for fun. With the CanDo® Inflatable ABS Ball, exercising can be fun and safe. This is because the new ABS … Continue reading

Inflatable Ball Exercises

When you were a kid an inflatable ball was used for nothing but enjoyment and fun. Now, as an adult you can still use inflatable balls for fun, but you can also use them to workout. Exercise is a great … Continue reading

TOGU® Balance Trainers for Ski Practice

TOGU® balance training products are great for those who want to practice skiing and other activities that require coordination and balance. Thankfully TOGU® balance trainers don’t just help improve coordination and balance skills but also help improve range-of-motion, body awareness, … Continue reading

Balance Training for Skiing

If you enjoy skiing, it is important to practice balance, coordination and core stability. Whether you are alpine skiing, cross country skiing or freestyle skiing it is good to have a sense of balance and coordination. With TOGU® fitness equipment, … Continue reading

Patient Safety Awareness Week 2019

Patient Safety Awareness Week is an event that happens every year to recognize and encourage people to learn about health care safety. During this week, medical professionals seek to advance important discussions and inspire action locally and globally to improve … Continue reading

National Sleep Awareness Week 2019

Sleep is something we cannot avoid. Even insomniacs need to get some sleep eventually. Sleep is like someone recharging your batteries after a long day of being. The week of March 10th to March 16th is National Sleep Awareness Week. … Continue reading

Product Spotlight: CanDo® Finger Flexion Glove

For people just beginning hand rehabilitation, their hands may be too weak to practice certain hand exercises. They may need an aid to help perform their rehabilitation exercises. One such aid that can be used to help improve hand mobility … Continue reading

Exercises to Improve Hand Mobility

If your hand requires extra rehabilitation after seeing a hand therapist, at-home exercises may be recommended. These at-home exercises can help people who suffer from stiffness, swelling, or pain in their hands or wrists. Below we’ve listed just some of … Continue reading

TheraPutty® for Hand Therapy

Hand therapy is great resource for those who have an injured hand or have just came out of hand surgery. During a hand therapy session, hand therapists will use certain hand rehabilitation tools that they think will aid in a … Continue reading

When to See a Hand Therapist

If you recently experienced a hand injury or had hand surgery, your hands may not work like they used to before. Hands are vital in performing key everyday tasks so it’s important to gradually get back to that lifestyle where … Continue reading

Product Spotlight: CanDo® Hand Weights

Weighted hand exercises are a great way to aid kids in writing and fine hand motor skills. To practice weighted hand exercises, we offer CanDo® Hand Weights. These weights provide children of all ages extra hand and wrist stability during … Continue reading

What are Gummy Vitamins

If you are someone who doesn’t eat a balanced diet of foods, then vitamins are great option for you. Vitamin supplements are great for providing all the vitamins you need daily. Chewable (gummy) vitamins are the most popular type of … Continue reading

Exercising with the CanDo® Multi-Grip™ Exerciser

The CanDo® Multi-Grip™ Exerciser is designed to provide unlimited exercise options to users who want to do various high-impact upper and lower body exercises. Each exerciser is comprised of both large and small grips that can be wrapped around hands … Continue reading

What is Rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation is the effort of a person to improve or get back to the ability they lost due to a disease or injury. It is necessary for people who want to gain back what they have lost, but it can … Continue reading

Baseline® Fingertip Pulse Oximeters

Earlier this week we discussed that pulse oximeters are available for medical and home use. For home use, pulse oximeters help users have a better handle on their oxygenation status. We recommend our line of Baseline® Fingertip Pulse Oximeters because … Continue reading

How Pulse Oximeters Work

If you have ever been a patient at a hospital and had a pulse oximeter placed on your finger? That device is a measurement tool that is used to measure oxygen saturation, or the percentage of hemoglobin saturated with oxygen … Continue reading

Product Spotlight: CanDo® Multi-Grip Exerciser

FEI Retail is pleased to introduce the newest addition to the CanDo® product lineup, the CanDo® Multi-GripTM Exerciser. The CanDo® Multi-GripTM Exerciser has large and small grips built right into the exerciser. This enables the user to perform upper and lower … Continue reading

Medical Advancements for 2019

Every year it seems like we are getting more and more technologically advanced when it comes to the medical field. Medical advancement is beneficial for both the doctor and the patient. Below we’ve listed some medical advancements in medical technology … Continue reading

Product Spotlight: CanDo® Full Body Massager

Exercising regularly, stretching properly, and applying a hot compress might solve the problem of muscle ache for some people, but others need a little more help with their sore back. This is where self-massage tools come in. However, with such … Continue reading

Why You Should Use a Self-Massage Tool

Muscle tension and soreness can be a real pain. If you don’t have a partner to help give you a massage or don’t have money for a professional, it can be hard to find relief. Fortunately, there is a solution … Continue reading

Using a Thermometer

If you are starting to feel sick it is important to know how sick you are. A good indicator for telling you if you are not doing so well is your body temperature measurement. To evaluate this, the best tool … Continue reading

Staying Healthy this Cold and Flu Season

Have you noticed the coughing and sneezing in your office starting? It is a sign that cold and flu season is in full swing. Especially this time of year, a lot of people are more susceptible to getting sick. For … Continue reading

Game Ready® for Wrist Sprains

A sprained wrist can hinder a lot of the things we do on a regular daily basis from opening doors to lifting bags. If you ever have a sprained wrist, it is important to find the best way to heal … Continue reading

Sprain or Fracture?

When your wrist becomes damaged, it can be hard to diagnose if the wrist is broken or just sprained. Your wrist is comprised of numerous bones and ligaments that connect bones to one another inside a joint. Damaging your wrist … Continue reading

Starting the New Year!

It’s a new year and with that comes a new you! Now is a good time to start the new year off right with fitness and exercise. Each year, millions of people make fitness New Year’s resolutions, and each year … Continue reading

Protective Sensation

If you have diabetes you probably have been tested for your protective sensation. Protective sensation gives you a pain threshold and tells you how much pressure you can take before you feel pain. A loss of protective sensation hinders a … Continue reading

Lidocaine for Back Pain

Muscle sprains and strains in the back can be painful but are definitely treatable. The LidoSpot™ Pain Relieving Patch is the perfect tool to temporarily relieve back pain. With this lidocaine patch you can stay mobile and perform daily tasks … Continue reading

Causes of Back Pain

Ever wake up in the morning with aches and pains in your back? Turns out hurting your back is no joke. Your back is an important part of your body and needs to be taken care of properly. Back pain … Continue reading

The Latest from Baseline®

If you checked our article “Choose CanDo® for the Holidays” you know that the holidays are right around the corner! It is time to find that perfect present for that special someone. If you know that your special someone uses … Continue reading

Annual Checkups

Think back to when you were a child. Most likely your parents took you to a pediatrician consistently for annual health checkups. As you grew older and more independent, those annual checkups probably became few and far between. Like a … Continue reading

Warming up with Relief Pak® Moist Heat Therapy

Heat therapy is similar to cold therapy as both are used to alleviate pain. Some treatment plans even use both heat and cold therapy together. In these situations, cold compression is used first after which heat therapy is applied. One … Continue reading

Preparing for Winter Joint Stiffness

With this week marking the beginning of December, we all know that winter is coming very soon. With Winter, comes cold weather. When it gets cold outside, our joints tend to stiffen and can cause some pain and discomfort. It … Continue reading

Choose CanDo® for the Holidays

It’s almost December and that means the holidays are right around the corner! Do you have a special someone who’s a therapist, or a patient going through rehabilitation? Below are some of our newer CanDo® products that can make the … Continue reading

Exercise with CanDo® Exercise Band Loops

Thanksgiving is over and now it is time to get back into shape. There are many ways to work off your newly acquired Thanksgiving calories. One great piece of exercise equipment that is useful for most fitness activities is a … Continue reading

Burning off Thanksgiving Calories

Thanksgiving is this Thursday! This holiday can bring a lot of food and calories, but those extra calories can be burned off. By simply exercising on Friday (or Thursday night), you can enjoy your Thanksgiving feast and not have to … Continue reading

Thermoplastic Splinting Accessories

There are many splinting accessories that help with the creation of a thermoplastic splint. With the right splinting accessories, molding and conforming the splinting material around the patients injured area can become a lot easier. Splinting accessories include items that … Continue reading

An Intro to Splinting Material

If you have ever sprained one of your limbs or broken a bone, then you know what a splint or a cast is. A splint is a piece of molded thermoplastic splinting material that used to keep an injured body part … Continue reading

Product Spotlight: Togu® Balance Boards

Balance is key to performing most everyday tasks. Without good balance the simplest of tasks, such as walking across a room, can be daunting. As discussed in our previous blog, balance training with a balance board is one way you … Continue reading

Benefits of using Balance Boards

Life is all about balance. Having good balance allows us to have coordination and awareness. To complete even the most basic everyday tasks, balance is key. By adding balance boards to your daily routine, you can improve posture, reduce risk of … Continue reading

Wrist and Forearm Strength Exercises

Without proper grip strength, it is hard to do most daily activities. Grip strength essential for many daily activities from turning a door knob to carrying grocery bags home. As such, it is good practice to exercise and maintain your … Continue reading

The Importance of Forearm Strength

If you think that forearm strength is only good for opening pickle jars, it is time to get a grip! Forearm strength is more important than you may think. It not only promotes grip strength, it helps prevent injuries. Like … Continue reading

Product Spotlight: CanDo® Treatment Table

One common tool that Physical Therapists use is a treatment table. For this, we now offer our line of CanDo® treatment tables! This product line includes a variety of different treatment table options to suit the needs of both doctors and patients. … Continue reading

National Physical Therapy Month 2018

Not only is October National Chiropractic Month, it is also National Physical Therapy Month! Once a year for the whole month of October, the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) seeks to celebrate and raise awareness of the benefits of physical … Continue reading