How to Maintain Your New Year’s Fitness Resolution

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How to Maintain Your New Year’s Fitness Resolution

For some, it is easy to keep their gym goals as they have been doing it for years. But what about the people who have made it their goal to go to the gym for their new year’s resolution? Around the end of January, this is when a lot of people start falling off from their gym commitment. With most not making it to Valentine’s Day. Here is how to keep that “new year, new me” mind set and maintain your health and fitness goals.

There is no correct time to start your fitness goals, only that you start and achieve them. Many people decide to make it their goal to exercise, only to give up a few weeks into it. Giving excuses such as not having enough time or the drive to keep going. When you first start out on your fitness journey, you have the mindset to get excited when it comes to exercising. The next step is figuring out how to stick with it. One important tip you may want to consider is sticking to one goal at a time. Sometimes goals could encompass several different areas that can be massive if you are not consistent enough. Instead, take a bite sized approach to improve with over time. By the end of the year, you will be feeling a lot better and healthier. For example, if you want to lose weight, start by going for a walk and eating fewer carbs. Eventually you will set a new goal of jogging and selecting healthy meals to eat each day.

The biggest thing you don’t want to lose is your motivation. Look, there are things in life that get thrown at us that we must juggle each day. Sometimes being active falls by the waistline because it doesn’t seem like a priority. It can also be frustrating when you don’t ultimately meet your goal. The point is to keep going because being healthy is worth it. Being healthy means you are moving, active and living life to the fullest. If you are not happy with the exercises you are doing, then it might be time to switch how you approach fitness. Exercise does not always mean lifting weights and going on the treadmill. It could mean playing basketball with your friends. Playing sports could be a great workout and just the motivation you need to keep your new year’s fitness goal. If sports are not your thing, try rock climbing or hiking. There are a lot of cool experiences and views you can get by doing either.

Keeping your new year’s resolution to exercise more can be something that some people struggle with. The key is to stay motivated and make small goals in order to achieve your overall goal. You won’t get instant gratification, but you will thank yourself in the long run.

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Article written by William Graves.