Stay Safe and Germ Free with Hand Sanitizer

During this uncertain time, it can be difficult to get back to your ordinary life without feeling like you will get sick. Therefore, you should take precautions and learn to disinfect anything and everything you touch. One of the best … Continue reading

National Safety Month 2020

Do you know that June is National Safety Month? Observed annually during the month of June by the National Safety Council (NSC), National Safety Month looks to promote safety both inside and outside the workplace. Now, more than ever, it … Continue reading

Homeschool with the CanDo® Donut Ball

Are you one of the many parents who is now forced to homeschool you child? Teaching your kid at home is not an easy thing to do, especially if your kid will not sit still. Need a solution to this … Continue reading

What is Active Sitting?

Sitting for long periods of time can be tough, especially when all our body wants to do is move around. As human beings, we are not meant to be sitting around all day, but some jobs require it. So how … Continue reading

Use the Baseline Pedometer for Mediation Walks

While you exercise both your mind and body on a meditation walk, you may want to know how many steps you are taking. Measuring your steps can help with step goals, and this can give you motivation to walk even … Continue reading

Meditation Walks

With the world slowly opening, you may still feel hesitation going to the gym even if your gym is now reopened. That is okay, as there are still many ways to exercise without going to a gym. One of which … Continue reading

Preventing Osteoporosis with Exercise

As people age, Osteoporosis becomes more and more common among men and women. Instead of succumbing to the crippling effects of this disease, there are actions you can do to prevent it. Exercise is a great way to help prevent … Continue reading

National Osteoporosis Month 2020

Do you know that May is not only the month to celebrate National Physical Fitness and Sports but to also celebrate National Osteoporosis Month? During this month, the National Osteoporosis Foundation strives to raise awareness for osteoporosis, a disease which … Continue reading

Staying Active with CanDo® MGE™

If you want to stay healthy and active this month, we recommend the CanDo® MGE™ Exerciser. This lightweight resistance exerciser can help you do strength training anywhere at anytime. It’s perfect for an indoor home workout if you’re stuck indoors. … Continue reading

National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

The month of May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month! During this month, staying physically active is a goal everyone should have. The weather is getting warmer, so if you have the ability to be outside while still social … Continue reading