Using Cold and Hot Contrast Therapy

We all know that when we stub our toe we need to apply ice, after yelling profusely of course. We also know that great feeling we get when we apply a warm compress after hurting our back from lifting something … Continue reading

Types of Hand Dynamometers

Hand dynamometers are unique therapeutic instruments intended for evaluating and measuring the most extreme isometric qualities of your hand and forearm muscles. Sports, like baseball and tennis, where the hand is utilized for tossing or lifting make use of dynamometers … Continue reading

How to use Puttycise® Tools

If you have used resistive hand putty, you already know that it is a great exerciser to strengthen hand and finger muscles. The amount of exercises you can do is only limited by one’s own imagination. If you are looking … Continue reading

How to use the Digi-Flex® Multi

Discover the future of hand therapy today with the CanDo® Digi-Flex® Multi hand exerciser. It is an innovative approach to hand therapy that allows completely customizable hand and forearm strengthening. It is a great option for rehabilitation therapy after an … Continue reading

Digi-Flex® for Musicians

Anyone can use the Digi-Flex® for hand training, especially musicians. Playing an instrument requires great strength in the fingers, which this hand exerciser can help maintain and develop. Using the CanDo® Digi-Flex® can develop strength, flexibility, and coordination. This device … Continue reading

Benefits of using Kettlebells

Dumbbells and barbells have long been used in fitness training programs. This is because they give you value when it comes to building muscle, strength, and creating an impressive physique. However, all this has been changed thanks to kettlebells. Using … Continue reading

How to Set Up Your Relief Pak® Heating Unit

The latest addition to the Relief Pak® product line is the Relief Pak® Heating Unit. This collection of heating units is unique because each unit, including four and six pack capacity units, feature insulation. This insulation makes the heating units … Continue reading

Static and Dynamic Stretching

Do you stretch before and after your workout? It is suggested that every person should stretch as a “warm-up” before a workout and as a “cool-down” afterwards. These pre- and post-workout strategies are often used to reduce the risk of … Continue reading

Stress Management Tips

We have all dealt with stress before throughout our lives in one way or another but chronic stress can affect your entire well-being. It can cause disturbances in your physical and mental health. To be happier, healthier and more productive, … Continue reading

Massage Therapy Products

There are many different ways to receive the healing effects of massage therapy. Massage therapy products are one main way to gain pain relief. These tools can be used with the help of a massage therapist, a friend or even used … Continue reading