Choosing a Foam Roller

Recently, practice of foam rolling has widely increased in popularity. While it was initially practiced only by serious athletes, now all people are encouraged to partake in it. Across the county, exercise classes are using foam rolling (self-myofascial release) as … Continue reading

5 Foam Rolling Facts

If you have sore muscles, or are feeling stressed out, foam rolling is a great way to relax and recover. It is often used by physical therapists, athletes, and chiropractors, but anyone can foam roll with the right roller. We’ve … Continue reading

How to Choose a Splinting Material

With so many different splinting material options, it can be difficult to choose a splinting material that is best for your patients. For example, you may need a material that is stiff, non-stick, and mini perforated. We’re taking a look … Continue reading

Introduction to Splinting Material

Thermoplastic splinting material is used to create low temperature splints that protect and support fracture and sprain injuries. This material is lighter than traditional plaster casting and easier to remove and clean. It’s generally used for injuries that require a … Continue reading

Types of TheraPutty®

TheraPutty® is a stretchy, silicon-based exercise material used by physical and occupational therapists for hand therapy. It is widely used for rehabilitative purposes after an accident or stroke. Grip strength, finger strength, and fine motor skills can all be improved by … Continue reading

5 TheraPutty® Exercises

It’s hard to think of an activity we do in our everyday lives that doesn’t involve the use of our hands. Due to the frequency in which we use our fingers, weak finger strength can significantly decrease one’s quality of life. … Continue reading

25 Uses for Dycem® Non-Slip Material

Chances are you have experienced the frustration of using a product and having it slip, fall, or move while you need it stable. Dycem® products are the perfect solution. This non-slip material has a two-sided non-adhesive grip and provides a … Continue reading

Safe Summer Workout Tips

In the Summer, rising temperatures can make even walking a short distance feel exhausting. Almost all activities feel more tiring in the heat which is why it’s important to be mindful of exercising in the Summer. If precautions are not … Continue reading

Choosing a Ball Chair

Earlier this week we touched upon the benefits of “Active Sitting.” To participate people have increasingly been switching out their standard chair for a ball chair in efforts to improve posture, lessen back pain, and incorporate exercise into their daily … Continue reading

Benefits of Active Sitting

Did you know that sitting can lead to issues such as joint problems, metabolic deficiencies, and even shortened lifespans?  We all sit too much during our days: driving, working at a desk, watching TV, and more. Not even all the … Continue reading