Exercises for Wrist and Forearm Pain

Do you know repetitive motions can create stiffness in your wrists and forearms that can lead to tendonitis pain? If you are experiencing tendonitis in your forearm, just know it is not permanent. There are exercises that you can do … Continue reading

What Causes Wrist and Forearm Pain?

Ever have a sharp pain sensation in your wrist or forearm and wonder where it came from? Turns out you might have tendonitis which is an inflammation of the muscles and tendons of the forearm. There can be multiple causes … Continue reading

Begin Your HIRT Workouts with CanDo®

HIRT workouts are great for making you feel stronger, more energized and reinvigorated about fitness. You do not even need that much exercise equipment to get the variety and results you want. A pair of CanDo® Dumbbells and a CanDo® … Continue reading

Why you Should be Doing a HIRT Workout

Sometimes it is good to take it slow, but what if you wanted a high intensity workout just at a slower pace? Instead of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) you could try High Intensity Resistance Training (HIRT). HIRT hits the … Continue reading

Measure Body Recomposition with the Baseline® Skinfold Caliper

Body Recomposition is all about preserving and building muscle mass while losing fat at the same time. The focus is more on body composition rather than overall weight. Measurements that only factor in weight and height, such as body mass … Continue reading

What is Body Recomposition?

Traditionally, most weight loss programs focus on cutting body fat rather than gaining muscle. If you ever wanted to do both, this is referred to as Body Recomposition. Body Recomposition is a weight loss method that emphasizes the importance of … Continue reading

Massage Away Lower Back Pain with the CanDo® Massage Gun

October is a month where the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) raises awareness about the musculoskeletal system. As mentioned in our previous article, the musculoskeletal system is comprised of muscles, bones and joints which become more fragile over time with age. … Continue reading

National Chiropractic Health Month 2020

Did you know that the month of October is National Chiropractic Health Month? Recognized by the American Chiropractic Association (ACA), National Chiropractic Health Month is a month which celebrates chiropractic health and promotes ways it can be improved. This year, … Continue reading

15 Minute Kettlebell Workout

Do you not have a lot of time to work out? It turns out that even a 15-minute workout can be effective on improving overall health, but only if you are going hard. CanDo® Kettlebells are perfect for quick full … Continue reading

The Dangers of Working Out on No Sleep

If you are forcing yourself to workout even though you did not get enough sleep last night, you might want to think twice. Exercise is great for your health but if you are exercising with no sleep on a constant … Continue reading