Keeping Safe with TOGU® Inflatable Exercise Balls

When it comes to exercising, safety should always be your top concern. If you are not aware of the potential safety hazards, serious injury can occur. Luckily, a lot of companies have safety measures built-in to their products, making it easy … Continue reading

Outdoor Safety Tips

While it is good to stay active during National Physical Fitness and Sports Month it is just as important to stay safe. Safety does not necessarily mean you have to live inside a bubble. You can go for a hike, take … Continue reading

Product Spotlight: Baseline® Fold-Up™ Monofilament

Earlier this week, we wrote about monofilaments and the tests they could provide. The monofilament is one of the best tools to test for diabetic foot ulcerations. If the ulceration is caught early enough, amputation can be avoided. There are many … Continue reading

What Are Monofilaments?

Have you ever used or have been treated with monofilaments? From the name alone, there is not much you can surmise as to what monofilament does. Mono means one and filament is a slender threadlike object. Put it together and it … Continue reading

National Osteoporosis Month

The month of May isn’t just for fitness and sports. This month is also National Osteoporosis Month. While you are being physically active it is just as important to be aware of your bone structure. Making sure your bones are healthy … Continue reading

National Fitness and Sports Month

Did you know the month of May is National Fitness and Sports Month? To celebrate, we are spreading the word that anyone, if physically able, can benefit from being active. For children, physical activity can improve muscle fitness and heart health. For … Continue reading

Types of Exercises with Resistance Bands

Have you ever exercised with resistance bands? A resistance band is a multi-functional exercise tool that allows the user to do many exercises with just one band. The resistance of the band can vary depending on the flexibility of the … Continue reading

Working Out with Resistance Bands

If you want to strength train but don’t have easy access to a gym, try using resistance bands. Using resistance bands gives you the workout you desire without the need of carrying heavy weights or using up a lot of space. … Continue reading

Use Puttycise® for Occupational Therapy

One service that Occupational Therapists provide to individuals is hand therapy.  In situations, some people may incur a hand injury that they wouldn’t be able to fully recover from. This is where Occupational Therapy can help. Occupational Therapists treat people who … Continue reading

Improve Fine Motor Skills with Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists cover a wide variety of rehabilitative exercises. This includes but is not limited to exercises that improve motor skills. Some exercises an Occupational Therapist provides may seem like they wouldn’t be beneficial, however, these seemingly non-functional tasks can produce … Continue reading