What Can I Do with CanDo® Inflatable Balance Discs?

There are many great products out there that are helpful in addressing balance and strengthening deficits. CanDo® Inflatable Balance Discs are great options to help individuals achieve their respective goals and improve their overall daily function. These products can be … Continue reading

CanDo® Twist-n-Bend Exercisers: More Than Just Strengthening

Building strength for the upper extremity, including the wrist and hand, is important to be able to carry out everyday activities. CanDo® Twist-n-Bend Exercisers are a great option to help address specific impairments and functional limitations, as well as achieving … Continue reading

How Do I know If an Intervention is Beneficial?

There are plenty of interventions we utilize when we implement them into a plan of care for our patients. Each intervention can help address impairments and functional limitations for each individual clinical presentation. In our minds, we think whenever we … Continue reading

Should I Use Heat or Cold Therapy?

The use of modalities is helpful to reduce pain, improve the body’s ability to heal, and enhance overall function. Heat and cold therapies are two modalities that are traditionally used to address impairments and functional limitations of patients. There are … Continue reading

Pinch Grip Testing: An Essential Clinical Utility

Pinch grip is important for individuals to perform activities of daily living and various everyday tasks. Testing for pinch grip strength is important to be able to understand impairments and functional limitations a patient is experiencing. What are we evaluating … Continue reading

4 Ways to Perform Thoracic Extension Exercises

Thoracic extension exercises are a great way to focus on individual impairments and functional limitations.  Thoracic extension exercises can help improve range of motion, flexibility, and overall posture. There are numerous ways to perform this exercise.   Here are some … Continue reading

How Can I Improve my Grip Strength?

Assessing grip strength is important as it can tell you a lot about your patient.  Not only grip strength, but other variables including all-cause mortality, frailty, and many other pieces of information.  Therefore, we should focus on finding way to … Continue reading

What are CanDo® Intensity® Loops?

Go beyond traditional exercise bands and crank up the intensity with the CanDo® Intensity® Loops! One of the most durable bands we offer, the CanDo® Intensity® Loop is designed to give a greater resistance than our standard CanDo® bands. Ideal … Continue reading

What is Therapeutic Alliance?

Therapeutic alliance is “a general construct that usually includes theoretical definition the collaborative nature, the affective bond, and the goal and task agreement between patients and clinicians”.1 Developing the therapeutic relationship between the patient and clinician is so important to … Continue reading

How to Perform Long Axis Hip Distraction at Home

Performing hip traction is a manual therapy technique utilized to help decrease pain, improve range of motion, and enhance overall functional mobility. Manual therapy, including traction muscle stretching, has shown to be beneficial to decrease pain, function, ad well-being for … Continue reading