This collection of high-quality fitness equipment aids in health, fitness, rehabilitation, physical therapy and active aging. These products feature heavy construction and unique designs which make them a perfect choice for either a clinic or home setting.
    The Spirit Fitness product line is all about one thing - Delivering quality experiences from quality products. Spirit offers a full suite of treadmills, rowers, ellipticals and fitness bikes that are sturdy enough to last years while keeping pace with long-term fitness goals. All of their products are produced in their ISO-certified factories for consistent quality. Spirit has been at the forefront of technological innovations in fitness for years, having introduced cooling fans, speakers for MP3 players and indoor rowers that use water resistance. Spirit products are all designed with one goal - helping their users achieve success.
    Choose from treadmills, ellipitcals, steppers, ergometers and exercise bikes.
    SciFit equipment makes it easy for people of all ages and abilities to get moving, stay motivated and see results. Whether it's someone recovering from a heart attack, rehabilitating from knee surgery or exercising for the first time. These products help you progress toward your goals.
    Shuttle is a leader in the design and manufacture of fitness and rehabilitation equipment. Using bold colors, contemporary design and industry-leading techniques, Shuttle's devices are primarily designed to serve the patient in the time period following surgery and before pain-free freedom of movement. All their products allow patients to increase resistance and difficult as they improve and get stronger. Shuttle products allow users to begin with a low-level exercise program and over time, transition to high-level workouts at maximum resistance. Shuttle is there to take the patient along every step of the recovery and rehab road.
    Active Passive Trainer
    Inflight Fitness exercise equipment is sturdy durable, and are designed for both upper and lower body workouts. All weight equipment is fitted with black vinyl covered HR molded cushions. Weight plates and equipment can be adjusted to match the desired weight and position for your workout. Machines are simple and easy to use.
    Wheelchair exercise equipment designed to strengthen arms and shoulders.
    Total Gym empowers users with bodyweight-based equipment to go beyond rehab and succeed in their fitness goals.
    Trueform is the leading line of non-motorized treadmills. All of the models feature a curved belt which encourages runners to improve gait mechanics and use good posture. Research has also shown that a curved treadmill helps burn calories faster than a flat treadmill. Being motor-free means these treadmills can be used anywhere - no outlet required - even outdoors! Some models allow customization of the running tread surface and colors. All feature a hand display that provides useful information to runners such as distance, speed and pace. Products are suitable for multi-user environments as well as home gyms.