From NuStep, the creators of the first recumbent cross trainer, comes innovative exercise units combined with state-of-the-art fitness technology and advanced software to present the latest in fitness, strength and conditioning training. Like all NuStep products, the line is built to accommodate a wide range of users with a variety of exercise needs, ranging from those who are healthy and fit to those managing chronic conditions or rehabilitating after an injury, surgery, cardiac event or stroke. No matter your current shape or fitness goals, there's a NuStep that's ready, waiting and perfect for you.
    Designed to expand your business and clientele, this is a line of premier Pilates Reformers grouped in collections with the most sought-after accessories. The Reformers each offer different options such as being stackable or how high/low to the ground the Reformer is while the bundles offer a plethora of different accessory packages. All designed to aid in positioning, stretching and movement, these include vertical frames, platform extenders, mat converters, roll-up poles, tall boxes and so much more. If you're offering Pilates, you're sure to find a Bundle that enhances your business.
    The most innovative Active Passive Trainer designed to motivate patients in a fun and engaging way to get moving again is here. The APT Performer by Richmar is a training device that is used for rehabilitation of upper and lower extremities with new and improved features that benefit both patients and clinicians.
    Bikes, treadmills, ellipticals: they all work the body one way: moving in a front-to-back plane. Helix turns tradition on its side - literally - and moves the body in all 3 planes of human motion. With full 3D, your heart rate gets to targeted range faster and you use more muscles every second of a workout, which means you burn more fat than during a traditional workout. Plus, Helix's internationally patented motion super tones your butt, your core, and even the hard-to-target inner and outer thighs. Traditional cardio machines just can't do that.
    Since 1989, Batca Fitness Systems has been ensuring quality since they began manufacturing fitness equipment. Today, through a commitment to technological advances, proprietary manufacturing techniques, and global sourcing, they can deliver fitness systems that are unsurpassed in design, performance, and reliability.
    The ProTone Fitness is the ideal fitness machine for people with disabilities. The uniquely designed handles and grips allow for easy manipulation for those with limited gripping abilities.
    LightSpeed Lift's patented body weight support system creates tri-planar lift at the user's center of motion to relieve up to 40 pounds of impact force from bones and joints. This simple, yet revolutionary design provides athletes and patients with universal support and maximum range of motion.
    Cascade Health and Fitness offers you high quality commercial grade group cycling bikes and fitness products that are easy to use, durable, low maintenance and a great value.
    For over 30 years, the top commercial health clubs, non-profit fitness centers, and athletic programs have counted on Power Systems for quality fitness equipment.
    The home for the latest in innovative Smart home gym equipment. Prism Fitness offers a range of exercises equipment, and it fits neatly in their beautifully designed storage units.