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Splint baths are shaped to fit splinting material and efficiently heat water to ready splinting material for use.

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24-6535 Strava UV Splint Bath $3500.00
Strava UV Splint Bath:
The Strava splint bath is made out of a thermoset material, known for its insulation, flammability resistance, durability and asethetic appeal. An easily-accessible, transparent hindged lid along with unique convection heat exchanger technology make for quick and uniform heat distribution. Our proprietary cleaning system uses both UV-C sterilization cycling and a high-heat cleaning cycle to effectively sterilize the bath. This dual cleaning system insures the water is 99.9% free of microbes. Also, the automatic drainage pump makes water evacuation quick and easy for tub cleaning and water replacement.

Dimensions: 22.63" x 10" x 19.75"

Weight: 50 lbs

Notice: Typically ships in 3-5 days.

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