CanDo Cotton Tensitubes are liners that can be used under orthotic devices to help prevent hypertrophic scarring and contracture. They apply pressure to the limbs or trunk where an injury is localized. Varying compressions can be obtained with single or double layers. The cotton material is excellent for fabricating pressure garments as well as wrist and ankle braces. Application is quick and easy as the tensitube requires no pins or tape.
    CanDo Stockinette are liners that can be used under fracture casts and braces. They conform to the shape of the body, preventing wrinkles from forming under the cast or brace. Available in cotton or nylon.
    CanDo Heel/Elbow Protectors are slip-on protectors that have a layer of foam to protect pressure points in either the knees or elbows. The flexible material can conform to the body and promote air circulation.
    CanDo Hand/Arm Liners are designed to be used as padded protection against the harsh material of a cast or splint. The soft material provides comfort while also helping to reduce irritation and discomfort.