The Orfit Eco Is made of high quality recycled material. It features a non-coated, off-white surface that is designed for large and rigid orthoses. This material does not stick to bandages or dressings, and prevents accidental bonding from occurring. The surface has an appealing smooth finish that is resistant to fingerprints and marks. Also, the Orfit Black NS (Non-Stick) version is available. It features a coated, non-stick surface.
    The Orfibrace NS (Non-Stick) Antibacterial material has a non-stick coating that eliminates accidental bonding. It is cost effective to use when orthoses need to be remade. This product is ideal for orthoses of all types, especially large and rigid orthoses. It maintains perfect shape form and size for increased client comfort. Precut pieces are available for quick and easy orthoses creation.
    The Orfit Flex NS has a tackiness that helps keep the orthoses in place during application. It has a high drapability and a low resitance to stretch. The surface features an appealling semi-gloss smooth finish. This material is ideal to use for the creation wrist, thumb and hand splints.
    Allfit is made of small pellets of non-coated thermoplastic material. Use it as a fist web space or finger separator. Add additional pellets to orthoses for a better and more conforming fit. Easily mold it into any desired shape or pattern.
    Orfitube tubes are lightweight outrigger attachments used to create mobilization orthoses. These tubes are easy to bend into shape and cut to length. These outriggers can be securely attached to any type of base orthosis. Pre coiled wiring saves time and energy in formng more difficult orthoses.
    Orfit Padding and Liner offers maximum comfort for splint patients who are extremely sensitive. It is excellent for the prevention of pressure sores.
    Orfit Crystal NS (Non-Stick) sheets are a revolutionary advancement in splints, braces and orthoses. Lightweight, flexible and transparent material allows clinicians to view affected areas while shaping and molding support and at follow-up visits. The non-stick properties mean these can be placed on skin or bandages without causing discomfort or further damage. These large sheets simply get heated up and then molded, shaped and cut to fit the patient. Available in individual sheets or sets of 4.
    Orfizip Light NS is a zipper closed precut wrist immobilization orthosis that offers a quick and easy one-step application. The double-sided zipper allows the user to fabricate either left or right-handed orthoses. Ideal for immobilization and protection of the arm following trauma and/ or surgery.
    The Isoforce Outrigger by Orfit is designed to help with orthosis by optimizing the treatment of contractures at the proximal interphalangeal (PIP) joint.
    Embrace diversity with Orfit Multifit. From a static wrist orthosis to a complex dynamic orthosis. Multifit NS can address all of your fabrication needs across pathologies and across patients while offering maximum ease of use.