Uriel support and bracing products are high quality at an affordable price.
    Mueller® Sports Medicine products offer a wide collection of high quality braces, athletic tape, wraps and more.
    Splint baths are shaped to fit splinting material and efficiently heat water to ready splinting material for use.
    Use Elastic Bandages to wrap body parts to reduce swelling. Bandages provide firm support compression to injured areas and are ideal to hold first aid dressings or cold packs in place against the body.
    Splinting Accessories are a great culmination of splinting tools for any medical professional to have on hand.
    A line of belts designed to give stability to the base of the spine and increase strength throughout the back, hips and legs. Designed to compress and support the sacroiliac joints, wearing the belt during work or play considerably lessens the chances of injury. Serola Belts use a combination of a strong structure, supplemented by an elastic layer to place the joint into normal range of function. This not only stabilizes the joint allowing for pain relief, but it normalizes the joint allowing injury prevention and healing.
    Compression garments are ideal for those who need extra support or for people who experience  pain or aching after performing a repetitive motion.
    A line of products that are used to support and protect the joints of the thumb and fingers. They can also relieve pain by modifying how much you can bend and curl your fingers. Available in a wide variety of styles as well as sizes to help ensure a proper fit.
    A line of products designed to protect plaster and fiberglass casts from getting wet or damaged in a bath, shower, pool or other wet location. Allows the user to better manage cast protection while cleaning.
    A line of cervical collars, also known as neck braces, which are medical devices used to support a person's neck. While often applied by emergency personnel to those who have had traumatic head or neck injuries, these collars are also very effective in treating chronic medical conditions.