CanDo Incline wedges are wedge shaped mats that can be used to facilitate gross motor activities like rolling, tumbling, and crawling. The soft, safe mats encourage participation. The inclined mats are available with or without positioning straps. Various sizes and colors available.
    Thick mats give added support and cushioning to increase the confidence level of the child using the mat. Side vents allow air to flow in and out. Various sizes and colors available.
    Grip it, don't slip it! Don't sweat your downward dog because your mat is slippery. Start looking and feeling good with Yoga Strong. A perfect balance of style and function, the Yoga Strong Mats and Towels will help bring you joy, purpose, and power.
    Bend, stretch, and move with ease, this durable multi-purpose yoga and fitness mat.
    Choose from a wide selection of exercise mats for all of your mat based workout routines. These mats that are specially designed for a wide variety of fitness regime including yoga, pilates, stretching, and hanging exercise mats.