The CanDo Via hand exerciser develops isolated finger strength, flexibility and coordination as it builds hand and forearm strength. Soft finger pads and palm rest with an ergonomic design that's non-intimidating and appeals to children and seniors. Progressive color-coded resistance gives patient positive feedback. Also builds hand and forearm strength.
    Foam hand held balls are perfect for the early stages of hand therapy. Available in various sizes and styles.
    Improve grip strength with adjust hand exercise grip.
    Improve hand and finger strength and coordination with the CanDo Graded Pinch Exerciser. Utilized by patients recovering from hand injuries or individuals with disabilities. They are ideal for a variety of applications, including sports facilities, physical therapy centers, clinics, hospitals, and retirement homes.
    The bead ball has small beads inside a flexible outer covering are easily manipulated for a unique hand exercise experience. 2.5" Diameter. Colors vary.
    Designed to be used by patients needing rehabilitation in a clinical or home use setting, these hand flexion exercisers improve hand strength and relive stress.
    A fascinating and therapeutic experience for people of all ages. Bring the sand and snow into your home without the mess.
    The CanDo Finger Flexion Glove increases flexion of MP, PIP and DIP joints. It is made of soft stretch nylon with eyelets at each fingertip. The glove increases hand and finger strength after surgery or injury by compressing and extending fingers.
    The CanDo Digi Grip strengthens the user's fingers, hands and forearms. Use each button independently to exercise fingers and develop isolated finger strength. Compress the entire unit for complete hand and forearm strengthening. Use it to increase flexibility and coordination for music, sports, fitness, and rehabilitation programs. Each finger button can individually lock. Progressive color-coded resistance gives patient positive feedback.
    The Airex Hand Trainer is the latest tool to become part of the Airex family. Its anatomically-friendly shape makes this ideal to strengthen the muscles in the fingers, hand and arm. The trainer can be pressed with individual fingers or the entire hand, allowing for the individual training of the finger muscles or the complete hand musculature.