Slide boards provide a dynamic range of motion requiring the user to balance their entire body. They allow users to slide back and forth to challenge themselves, develop muscle, and train without putting too much pressure on their bones and joints.
    This is a line of products designed to improve flexibility, mobility, strength, stability, endurance and balance in the lower half of your body. From the hips down to your feet, these products will help improve not only your lower-half fitness, but your overall fitness as well. These are the items you want to use to help ease aching muscles and improve range-of-motion.
    3B Balance Boards improve balance, agility and increase core body strength. The boards are made of eucalyptus wood and painted with Anti-humidity sealer.
    Get back in the game with the TherRex Balance Board! Its patented football shaped design allows for complete range of motion across all planes. Strengthening ankle muscles to help prevent injury before it happens.
    Our Foam Balance Pads help those looking to build balance and stability in any setting. Whether you are a professional athlete or someone looking for fun balance exercise techniques, our Foam Balance Pads are the perfect tool for you!