Workouts You Can Do This Summer

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Today marks the first day of Summer! That’s right, and with Summer comes warmer weather for you to enjoy. Beach volleyball, tennis, paddle boarding…the number of outdoor activities to do are endless. It is just a matter of picking the ones that fit your lifestyle so you can continue to stay healthy and in shape. Below are some outdoor activities we recommend:


Swimming is something everyone can learn and enjoy. Everyone from beginners to Olympic athletes. Swimming is great for physical therapy and exercise as it can work on a lot of your joints and muscles. It can easily be a full body workout without worrying about feeling too sweaty and dirty afterwards. It is also a great cardio workout as you can speed up or slow down your swimming technique. Additionally, this workout can result in improved breath control, enhanced cardio endurance and lung capacity, and increased full-body muscle tone. Swimming is great for those who have knee or joint pain and are looking for a low impact cardio workout option. You can even do it daily without worrying about hurting yourself from an intensive workout.

Beach Volleyball

Not really into swimming? Try working out on land with beach volleyball. Beach volleyball is a great option to get you moving if you don’t like just relaxing at the beach or going into the ocean. Volleyball is a fun sport that works on your legs, arms, and core. It is for anyone from the casual volleyball player to a tier 1 athlete. However, don’t expect do get extremely toned from just playing this sport. Since volleyball is primarily a team sport, there is not much room to run around and get a good cardio workout in. It will, however, be great for giving you more strength in your arms and legs.

Resistance Bands

Are you looking for a more traditional workout for outdoors? CanDo® resistance bands are both versatile and extremely portable. They can work on practically any muscle you want all while allowing you to go outside to enjoy the nice weather. Compared to bringing heavy, bulky, dumbbells outside, resistance bands can fit in your pocket are extremely lightweight. Use CanDo® resistance bands to workout key muscles such as your hamstrings, glutes, shoulders, chest, lats, biceps, and triceps. Simply loop these bands around your body and you can do some intense workouts just about anywhere.

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Article written by William Graves.