Why You Should Upgrade your Resistance Band

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Why You Should Upgrade your Resistance Band

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, resistance bands are a means of strengthening and stretching your muscles for both athletic activity and physical therapy. Standard resistance bands are viable for the fitness goals you want to achieve. However, power and mobility bands can do so much more. This is why CanDo® Intensity™ Loops are the perfect upgrade choice if you want to crank up the intensity of your workout!

CanDo® Intensity Loops are heavy-duty looped bands that are designed to give a greater resistance than our standard CanDo® bands. They are the most popular among cross-training and powerlifting individuals. They can also be used for stretching and correcting mobility issues, adding variable resistance to weight training, and pull-up assistance. Each Intensity™ Exercise Loop shows our AccuForce® technology, which allows the user to see the force that is exerted. Each loop also comes in the same width and lay flat length. This allows you to move up to a higher resistance loop whenever you want without having to make any adjusts to how you hold the loop.

CanDo® Intensity Loops are a type of resistance band called a power band. They are a lot stronger and more durable than a lot of other commonly used bands. These loops can be used in place of dumbbells and weight machines to provide a new strength training challenge. You can use them for anything related to strength and power training, speed and agility training, jumping and plyometric exercises, and flexibility and joint mobility. Even though the loops are thicker than standard bands, these loops are still easy to carry around. They provide more advantages for strength training compared to regular bands. So if you’re looking for big gains to your muscle size and strength, choose the CanDo® Intensity™ Loops.

For those who want to increase the power of their workouts, choose CanDo® Intensity™ Loops. They are available in 8 color-coded resistance levels ranging from tan (xx-light resistance) to gold (xxx-heavy resistance). With each resistance being more challenging but still easy to use.

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Article written by William Graves.