Why Chest Exercises are Important

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Why Chest Exercises are Important

If you have ever looked at a strength training regiment, the most common workouts you might see included are chest exercises. Why is that? Building strong chest muscles is important not only because it will help you have a better physique, but also it will help you with your everyday movements. Exercising to improve everyday movement is a goal commonly.

Known as your pectoral muscles, the chest is made up of two different muscles. The pectoralis major and underneath that is the pectoralis minor. The pectoralis major is a large muscle that has two parts, an upper portion and the lower portion. It looks like a thick, fan-shaped muscle that attaches to your upper arm and spans across your chest to your collarbone. In contrast, the pectoralis minor is a lot smaller than the pectoralis major as it goes from your shoulder blade to your rib cage. It looks triangular and works in tandem with the pectoralis major. Together, these muscles are responsible for moving your arms across your body, as well as other movements like flexion, adduction, and rotation.

Training your pectoral muscles will improve the strength in your back muscles and it can help you get stronger in movements that require pressing. It is good to keep these muscles strong to maintain good posture and for all your daily activities. This is because you use your pectoral muscles to do things such as pushing open a door, washing your hair, or getting up and down from the floor. Additionally, your pectoral muscles help stabilize your shoulder and shoulder blade, which in turn guards your body against potential injuries. When your shoulders are functioning properly, your chest will allow you to have a full range of motion.

All in all, your chest is an important muscle to strengthen, as there are many benefits to having strong chest muscles. Make sure to choose the exercises that are right for you so that you can go through life being able to do daily tasks at any age.

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Article written by William Graves.