When to Seek a Certified Hand Therapist

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When to Seek a Certified Hand Therapist

Is your hand in pain for some reason? Whether that be through surgery or you recently injured it, most likely you would be directed to see a Certified Hand Therapist. These highly trained therapists have spent years specializing in treating patients who have issues with their hands and upper extremities.

A Certified Hand Therapist can help with ailments affecting the hands, wrist, elbow, shoulders, and other parts of the upper limbs. They will also be able to give an accurate diagnosis of your hand injuries, which is way better than self-diagnosing with WebMD. Once your hand therapist has evaluated your condition, they will recommend a treatment plan. These treatment plans are non-invasive, conservative treatment options which are based on movement and exercise.

In some cases, you may need hand surgery. If you do have to go for surgery, your hand therapist will guide you every step of the way through pre- and post-op surgery. Before the surgery, you will receive hand therapy treatments to increase your range of motion to make the surgery more successful. After the surgery, your hand therapist will help your arm, hands and fingers move freely to prevent the formation of any scar tissue. Post-treatment often starts within days after the operation right through the patient’s return to a more productive lifestyle. This movement of your fingers allows them to improve and helps your hands recover faster.

With all this knowledge and experience, you can be sure a certified hand therapist will be able to help. If you have any conditions relating to the hand or upper extremity, we recommend seeing a certified hand therapist. There they can properly diagnose you and give you the treatment plan you need.

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Article written by William Graves.