Ways to Get Moving More During Everyday Life

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Ways to Get Moving More During Everyday Life

When it comes to getting into exercise, “I just don’t have time” is one of the top excuses for not having daily exercise routine. For some, just the thought about having to get up and do regular exercise after a long day can be exhausting. But daily physical activity can improve your muscle strength, boost your endurance and help your overall quality of life. Making it important for everyone to make time to incorporate exercise into their day. Which is why we have listed some exercises you can do in your everyday life to get some of that movement in:

Take the Stairs

Seems obvious right? Taking the stairs is one of the easiest tasks you can incorporate in your everyday life. It might surprise you how many people take the easy way out when there is a perfectly good elevator waiting to take you where you need to go without the hassle. Sure, taking the stairs might be more time consuming and tiresome but you are essentially killing two birds with one stone. You are getting to where you need to go while also getting a good cardio workout in. There is a reason why this is the number one tip on our list. That is because stairs can increase your heart rate, help with balance, and even improve your lower-extremity strength. You can even make it into a game by taking two steps instead of one if the stairs become too boring and mundane.

Exercising During TV Time

I know what you are thinking, TV time is a time to relax and decompress after a long day. But it can also be the time you can fit a 30-minute workout in. A sit-com, which is about a 30-minute show, does not seem long. It is the perfect amount of time to get an exercise in while you watch. Giving you plenty of time to watch more TV and decompress afterwards. Plus, you still get to enjoy the show while you work out. Continuing the theme of being able to do two things at once. In one 30-minute show, you can workout on the treadmill, lift weights or even stretch out on the floor. Just doing a few reps during your favorite show a day can really make a difference in your overall health.

Park Far Away

Do you like taking the closest parking spot to the place you want to go? Well maybe try avoiding that. Providing it is a safe and well-lit area, parking farther away will give you a chance to walk more. It may not seem like much but adding a few minutes of walking in each day can help. You will get your daily steps in, and you won’t have to worry about your car getting dinged as much since you are parking further away from people.

These are just some tips you could use to get a little more movement into your life. You will really feel a sense of progress, especially as you get to do two things at once. These are just simple ways to really get you moving more so you can improve your overall health.

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Article written by William Graves.