How Should We Evaluate In-Hand Manipulation?

So, what is in-hand manipulation (IHM)? In-hand manipulation, or IHM, is defined as the “adjustment of an object within the hand for optimal orientation after grasp.”1 IHM can be classified as the skill into shift, rotation, and translation. It plays a major … Continue reading

Hand Exercisers for Gamer’s Wrist

Gamer’s wrist is an injury that everyone who uses a keyboard or game controller wants to avoid. It can happen with age, certain medical conditions such as arthritis or the overuse of your wrists and thumbs. It can be incredibly … Continue reading

Pain Scores. Is the Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

We often will subjectively measure a patient’s pain level to capture what they are currently experiencing.  This can be achieved with obtaining different values including numerical, visual, or even with faces.  Gathering this information is important as it can help … Continue reading

What is Gamer’s Wrist?

Do you enjoy playing video games during your free time? Well, you are a part of the majority then, according to the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) roughly two-thirds of Americans play video games regularly. That is more than 215 million … Continue reading

If You Have a Balance Pad, You Need a Mat to Go with It!

Does your cell phone have a case on it? Of course, it does!  Anyone with a smart device typically will want to protect it using a case. Users want to keep their investment safe and secure.  The same goes for … Continue reading

The Most Popular Chiropractic Tools

The number one most popular chiropractic tool is the chiropractor’s own hands, but sometimes their hands need some additional help to provide the best care possible. If you ever looked around a chiropractor’s office, there are all sorts of tools … Continue reading

How To Improve Shoulder Range of Motion?

Individuals who experience shoulder pain may have difficulty with performing shoulder range of motion to participate in daily activities.  Daily activities may include dressing, bathing, grooming, reaching, among many other tasks to help us throughout the day.  Those who are … Continue reading

National Chiropractic Health Month 2022

Wow it is October already! It is that time of the year for all ghosts and ghouls to come out. Alongside this spooky month comes the appreciation for chiropractic health. That is right, this October the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) … Continue reading

How Do I Manage Tight Muscles?

Individuals may experience tight muscles or muscle spasms on occasion whether it was the result of an injury or insidious onset.   Those individuals may seek the guidance of a medical professional to help decrease pain and improve overall function.  However, … Continue reading

Fall into Physical Fitness with these Fun Tips

This week marks the first full week of Fall! With the end of summer comes changing leaves and dropping temperatures. But that does not mean you can’t still enjoy some outdoor physical activity. You might just have to adjust your … Continue reading