TOGU® Balance Trainers for Ski Practice

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TOGU® balance training products are great for those who want to practice skiing and other activities that require coordination and balance. Thankfully TOGU® balance trainers don’t just help improve coordination and balance skills but also help improve range-of-motion, body awareness, joint mobility, and reaction skills. For those who are interested in improving their coordination and balance for skiing, below are a few products that we recommend:

TOGU® Aero-Step®

The TOGU® Aero-Step® is a balance trainer that improves balance while enhancing reflexes and reactions. TOGU® Aero-Step® Balance TrainersThe knobbed surface improves circulation and perception. You can use the Aero-Step® to practice balancing on both feet at the same time as if you were skiing.

TOGU® Senso Ski Trainer

For a greater balance challenge, try using the TOGU® Senso Ski Trainer. TOGU® Senso Ski Trainer - TOGU® Balance TrainersThis two-sided tool has a circular a balance pad on one side, and two balance foot pads on the other. These foot pads allow you to stand on the trainer using both feet at once to stimulate and train the muscles used for skiing. Both sides of this tool can be used for balance and conditioning exercises.

TOGU® Jumper® Stability Dome

The Jumper® Stability Dome is a functional balance trainer used for jumping, swinging, strength, endurance and conditioning. Jumper® Stability DomeThis balance trainer is a favorite by a lot of personal trainers because of the results it has on balance and coordination. Add another jumper for added exercises such as hopping back and forth from one dome to another.

TOGU® Balance Trainers are great for practicing balance and coordination for all sorts of activities. To see if these products are right for you, please consult your doctor.

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Article written by William Graves.