The Paw Pull with TOGU®

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The Paw Pull with TOGU®

Stretching your dog is important for their health and flexibility. The Paw Pull is a great stretching exercise for dogs. Trainers use the Paw Pull for sporting dogs in the warm-up area, since there is a lot of stress on the dog’s forelimbs in sport. When the Paw Pull stretch is used with the TOGU® Bantoo Elliptical Roll most dogs will love the experience.

The Bantoo Elliptical Roll is a comfortable hand trainer which most dogs seem to enjoy. However, if your dog is very paw-sensitive, you can wrap the Bantoo in a thin cloth and begin to slowly teach your dog the Paw Pull. The key to this exercise is for your dog to know how to give paw. If your dog already knows this trick, you are in a good position. To begin the Paw Pull, position yourself in front of your dog with your dog in the sitting position. If your dog is very small, it is recommended that you sit down yourself. Next, place the Bantoo Elliptical Roll behind you and tell your dog to give paw a few times. Reward your dog with a treat to acknowledge your dog for doing the right thing. Then, with the Bantoo in your hand tell your dog to give paw again. Make sure that you do not have any food in your other hand, or your dog will be easily distracted. And your done with the exercise!

This seems like a simple exercise but knowing how to give paw is half the battle. If your dog does not give paw, then there are some extra steps that you will need to take. First, take a small treat and hold the Bantoo Elliptical Roll close to the ground with the treat underneath the dog’s nose. Depending on the dog, they may need some words of encouragement to get them active. Praising them might be what they need to get them to practice giving paw. If your dog uses its nose to get the treat, simply wait and watch for the slightest paw movement. Do not say “no”, just be patient and reward your dog immediately when they give paw. Once you dog has understood paw, bring the Bantoo Elliptical Roll up and remove the treat from underneath their nose. The treat will come out later from behind you as a reward for them doing such as good job.

The Paw Pull is an indispensable part of dog fitness training that can be used on the training field or on outdoor walks. If you want to strengthen your dog’s upper arm muscles and increase their range of motion, then the Paw Pull is the way to go. Happy training!

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Article written by William Graves.