Staying Pain-Free Between Chiropractic Adjustments

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30-2100_inUse_v5As any chiropractor will tell you, the body many not always hold the correct position after is has been adjusted. Patients will soon return with the same ailment, sometimes because they did not take the appropriate steps after their last adjustment. The question becomes: how can the cycle of pain and lack of flexibility be broken?

According to an article in Chiropractic Economics the answer is home therapy with a foam roller.

We’ve always known that foam rollers are a great tool for reliving pain, but recent studies looked at the results from patient self-myofascial release and its effectiveness in pain relief and flexibility improvement, specifically while using a foam roller. While all the studies looked at different body parts, the findings were consistent in finding the effectiveness of self-myofascial release in reducing soreness and improving range of motion following exercise.

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