Stay Cool with Cold Therapy

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Stay Cool with Cold Therapy - Point Relief® Cool-It Roller

With some warm summer months ahead, it is important to stay cool. There is nothing cooler than using some of the cold therapy products we have to offer.

Point Relief® Cool-It Roller

The Cool-It Roller by Point Relief® combines all the myofascial release benefits that come with foam rolling with the benefits of cryotherapy. Through cold compression and soothing massage therapy, the Cool-It Roller can reduce swelling, inflammation, and pain. By rolling the cold roller against the skin, it will drop the temperature of the body, slowing cell metabolism, constricting the blood vessels, and limiting cell damage to affected tissue. When you are done using it, place the Cool-It Roller in the freezer so that is nice and cold for the next time you need it.

Relief Pak® Instant Cold Compress

Relief Pak® Instant Cold Compress

Have you ever needed an ice pack and forgot to leave one in the freezer to stay cold? The Relief Pak® Instant Cold Compress solves this problem by instantly becoming cold by squeezing the bag for 3 seconds. Sometimes situations arise to where you need an ice pack to stop swelling around a recent injury or you just need it to stay cool. This especially happens in the warm summer months when your outside playing. This instant ice pack can come to the rescue without needing a freezer nearby.

Relief Pak® Blue Vinyl Cold Pack

Relief Pak® Blue Vinyl Cold Pack

Sometimes an instant ice bag is not enough, and you need something that can stay cold for a long period of time. With Relief Pak® Blue Vinyl Cold Packs, you can have easy and reusable cold therapy just a freezer away. These packs remain pliable and soft even below freezing. Also, they can maintain their temperature for up to thirty minutes. They come in different shapes and sizes to contour around the affected areas where you need cold therapy applied.

Being cool and remaining cool is important, especially during the hot months ahead. The above products we offer come in different sizes to meet the needs of different individuals. Use these products or any other cold therapy product to stay cool this summer.

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Article written by William Graves.