Practice Safety with Gait Belts

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Focusing on national safety month, it is important to be safe and reduce injury. Practice Safety with Gait BeltsWorking as a caregiver can be a difficult job that can place people in situations where he or she might get injured. Moving patients from one area to another can be a hazardous task if not done properly. Caregiver safety is just as important as patient safety. One tool that can help caregivers mobilize patients is a gait belt. Using this tool is a great way to ensure patient and caregiver safety while patients are being lifted and transferred.

Gait belts provide a secure grasp on patients with limited mobility and balance deficiencies. They are a back-saving device for caregivers whose job includes lifting, ambulating and transferring patients. Sometime patients can be too much for caregivers to handle. This can result in falls. Falling can result in sprains and strains, cuts and bruises or even broken bones. Therefore, caregivers must practice safety when transferring their patients and a gait belt can help.

Gait belts add a needed safety net to make patients and caregivers feel safe. They are available with a quick release plastic buckle or a metal buckle, so you can find the gait belt that best fits your patients’ needs.

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Article written by William Graves.