New Products

Patient lifts and accessories.
Lidocaine patches provide temporary relief for pain and discomfort. The patches prevent nerves from sending pain impulses to the brain.
Acupuncture involves the insertion of extremely thin needles through your skin at strategic points on your body. 
Hand held manual (non-powered) massage tools for clinic or at home use.
BakBalls are an affordable self-treatment device for back pain and stiffness. Designed by a sport physiotherapist to relieve pain and tightness in tense back, shoulders, ITBs and plantar fascia. Ideal to use at home or in the office. BakBalls relieve back pain and stiffness by lying on them on the floor or leaning against them in sitting. BakBalls produce maximum pain relief as their unique patented design exerts localised pressure directly onto painful stiff joints and tight muscles replicating a Physiotherapy or Massage treatment. BakBalls can also prevent back pain in the long term by improving your posture into a more ideal upright sitting and standing posture.