New Products

The 360 Slide Board is 6 foot long (non-adjustable) and 22 inches wide. Great for lateral slide training and plyometrics. Sliding surface is made of high-density polyethylene. Set includes 2 nylon booties. The 360 Slide Board can be rolled-up with storage/carry strap.
CanDo® Sup-R Mat® exercise mats are high quality closed cell foam exercise mats that are tough enough for clinic, school and fitness center. Most mats can be hung for storage with rubberized grommets (except for the 40" wide Jupiter and Saturn mats). These latex free and phthalate free mats have a soft cushioned feel. Closed-cell NBR foam provides excellent elasticity, energy absorption and resistance. Mats are ribbed on both sides for anti-skid traction when in use, and ventilation when in storage. The mats are treated with anti-microbial material that is triclosan free. The mats float in water and can be used for hydrotherapy (do not use as life saving device; when in water always use with adult supervision). Mats are tear proof and scratch resistant and do not take a compression set.
Wall-mounted finger and shoulder ladder offers progressive mobility of arm at shoulder, elbow and wrist joints.
Modular fine and gross motor therapy activities. Activities mimic items used in every-day life. Improve movement, ROM and quality of life by reinforcing day-to-day activities.
Measurement tape is housed in protective plastic casing for easy opening and retracting. Woven fabric measurement tape is calibrated in inches and centimeters. Measurement tape has push button retractor.