National Sleep Awareness Week 2022

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National Sleep Awareness Week 2022 - Body Sleeping Pillow

Sleeping is a very important part of everyone’s lives. In fact, about one-third of our entire lifetime is devoted to sleeping. However, not everyone is able to get the recommended average of 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night. Some people can’t get comfortable or just prioritize other things over sleep. To help educate people about the importance of sleep, the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) started a campaign called National Sleep Awareness week. Starting March 13th through the 19th, the NSF will share helpful information and fun sleep tips to help remind people of the importance of sleep. We thought it would be a good idea to list some pillows you might need to help you sleep:

Body Sleeping Pillow

Sometimes a standard pillow just does not cut it. A body pillow might be just the thing you need for a comfortable night’s sleep. The body pillow we offer provides comfortable, full body support while accommodating a variety of sleeping positions. It is perfect for side sleepers who like to have something to support them. The extra-long length helps those who like to prop their knee up. This is something standard pillows can’t offer unless you have a whole lot of them.

GERD Pillows

GERD Pillows

It can be hard to sleep sometimes if you have nighttime acid reflux. Acid reflux or GERD can be very uncomfortable, especially when you are trying to sleep. Luckily there are pillows that can help with that. These patented acid reflux pillows have a doctor-recommended incline that can help relieve symptoms. By raising your entire torso and esophagus 15 to 20 degrees, the harmful stomach acid won’t travel as far up your throat. This allows for a better night’s sleep and a better you during the day.

Water Pillow

Water Pillow

The newest addition to our pillow lineup is the water pillow. This water-based pillow adjusts to changes in your sleeping position and head movement. It’s ideal for those who suffer from chronic headaches and neck pain. You can easily adjust how firm or soft you want your pillow to be by simply filling it up with water to the desired amount. With a screw cap that prevents leakage, you can rest easy knowing you will have a fully rested and dry morning ahead of you.

To help you with your sleep, you can use the pillows we have listed along with the NSF’s Bedtime Calculator. This tool lets you enter in how many hours of sleep you want to get. Once that information is entered, the calculator will tell you what time you should go to bed and plan to wake up. By utilizing the calculator, sharing helpful tips, and having a comfortable pillow, you will be more prepared to manage your sleep.

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Article written by William Graves.