The Intelect Focus Shockwave device electromagnetically generates an extracorporeal shock wave, which produces a high pressure peak in a very short amount of time (< 2 mus). Thus, allowing for focused treatment of heel spur at a depth of 1 inch. The shock wave is focused to a small targeted area for treating heel pain due to chronic proximal plantar fasciitis.
    The Intelect Mobile 2 RPW is a powerful, yet portable radial pressure wave device. It features a lightweight and compact design as well as a quiet built-in compressor. The simple, ergonomically laid out controls enable all the key parameters to be easily changed. A clear, illuminated LED display removes ambiguity when monitoring pressure, frequency and number of pulses. Pulses can be initiated via a trigger mechanism on the handpiece. The Mobile 2 RPW is suitable for portable use as it is compact and light enough to be easily carried anywhere.
    Treat Deeper, Faster, and Easier with the Intelect RPW 2. The next generation of shockwave therapy that uses Radial Pressure Wave technology to address pain and inflammation in orthopedic conditions.
    KT Recovery+ Wave is a breakthrough in drug-free pain relief. It is designed to decrease pain in your tissue and joints in order to help improve your sleep, physical activity, and quality of life.