A powerful, handheld and portable massager that offers a plethora of multi-functionality. Three modes are offered, each with six speeds, to provide relief from sore muscles, chronic pain and daily stress and tension. Six different heads are included, providing users with a personalized, and convenient, massage experience.
    Point-Relief Mini-Massager offers a soothing massage. Comfortable vibrating massage from any one of 4 massage heads. Massage heads vary from broad to targeted. Choose model with heat or standard. Compact, portable, small enough to fit in purse or pocket. Uses C battery (included).
    Orbital massagers offer penetrating massages through a hand-held electric device for a consistent and relaxing massage of the shoulders, thighs and other areas. Different orbital speeds allow you more control.
    Thumper designs, manufactures, and distributes quality percussion massager equipment. Each product is ingeniously designed and meticulously built in Canada. Our electric percussion massager line up has six different units, the Thumper Maxi Pro, Thumper Mini Pro, Thumper Sport, Thumper Versa Pro, Thumper Equine Pro and the Thumper Verve. While the Maxi Pro Massager is the model most widely used by chiropractors on their patients around the world, most of the massagers are designed for self-use, so people can enjoy the benefits of professional treatment at home.
    Therabody provides concentrated deep tissue massage to specific muscle areas. Use these devices to help improve range of motion and decrease muscle soreness following a workout.
    The Recovery Exercise X-Trainer (REX) by Richmar offers fast compression that boosts circulation and lymphatic drainage, as well as relieves muscle fatigue. With features like adjustable pressure setting, three different time settings and two modes - it ensures a long-lasting experience and uninterrupted performance.