Make your own home gym

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gymWe all know exercise is important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle but, for some, gym memberships are costly and can be intimidating. We were excited to find this article by Terricha Bradley-Phillips of the Gannett News Service which outlines how to build your own home gym.

So what do you need for a home gym? First, you need supplies.

“You don’t need anything big. For a full-body home gym, $200 can buy a body ball for balance, [exercise] bands for strength, a jump rope for cardio, a foam roller for muscle toning, a pull up bar for the doorway, medicine balls for lifting and a kettle bell or two.” – Terricha Bradley-Phillips, Gannett News Service

You also need space.

“According to the American Council on Exercise, free weights require 20 to 50 square feet of space to use properly, treadmills need about 30 square feet. A multi-station gym calls for 50 to 200 square feet.” – Terricha Bradley-Phillips, Gannett News Service

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