Let’s Cut to the Chase: You Need CanDo® Perf 100 Exercise Bands

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Let’s Cut to the Chase: You Need CanDo® Perf 100 Exercise Bands.

Let’s start with these questions:

How many of you still use scissors to cut exercise bands for your patients?

How many of you waste time trying to cut exercise bands with lousy scissors?

How many of you struggle doing this, while your patient sees you can’t even cut an exercise band?

Patients seek our expertise and guidance to help them during their episode of care. However, if we are not competent in even the smallest task, such as cutting an exercise band, this can affect the overall patient experiences. Our patients are very observant they will notice these small details. However, there may be a solution to help you not only cut exercise bands more efficiently but help you feel more confident.

Let’s Cut to the Chase: You Need CanDo® Perf 100 Exercise Bands.

What are CanDo® Perf 100 Exercise Bands?

CanDo® Perf 100 economic bulk size roll is the best value for large clinics. The CanDo® Perf 100 offers a true 100-yard roll of exercise band in a convenient dispenser box. The band is perforated every 5 feet. There are 60 5-foot exercisers in each roll. To prepare exercise band for use simply pull 5-foot length from dispenser box and separate perforation line by hand. No scissors are needed! CanDo® high quality latex resistive exercise band has been used in clinics for rehabilitation, conditioning, and training since 1987. It has become a well-known staple of many physical therapy programs. CanDo® exercise band is an economic solution for upper and lower body exercise. Lightweight, compact, and portable. Durable. Effective when used alone, or with handles and anchors. Color-coded according to the exercise band’s resistance. CanDo® is licensed to use the Thera-Band color sequence, so resistance level is easily identified. Available in 8 levels of resistance for progressive exercise. Levels range in order of strength from least to greatest resistance: tan, yellow, red, green, blue, black, silver, gold.

Uniform width – each band is 5″ wide. CanDo® low powder exercise band is made of natural rubber latex, which may cause allergic reactions. For those with latex sensitivities, there are latex-free alternative offerings of CanDo® exercise band.

So, if you want a band, you can easily cut, simple to use, and enhance the patient experience, then this band is for you.

Before using any exercise products, you should consult with a healthcare professional.

For more information about the CanDo® Perf 100 Exercise Bands, click here.

Article Written By Eric Trauber, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS, FAAOMPT