Introducing the CanDo® UBE!

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Introducing the CanDo® UBE!

Ever wonder what it would be like to have an upper and lower body exerciser all in one device? Well wonder no more because your answer is here! Introducing the CanDo® Bi-Directional Upper Body Ergometer (CanDo® UBE for short). This innovative device will pave the way in how your patients engage in their physical therapy.

The CanDo® UBE is the ideal physical therapy device that you are going to want to use with all your patients. Use it for increasing muscle strength, developing coordination, enhancing blood circulation as well as improving range-of-motion and cardio. Place it on a tabletop when you are ready to engage your upper body or place it on the floor to engage your lower body. The UBE is bi-directional, meaning you can rotate it forwards or backwards, allowing for double the exercises that can be done with this device. This versatile machine is so compact for all the things you can do with it. In fact, it is small enough to have in a home setting. Its sleek and modern design will have users in awe as it works perfectly with any decor.

Introducing the CanDo® UBE!

There are two versions of the CanDo® UBE. The standard model features a set of handles with straps. They work as both pedal exercisers for your feet and comfortable handles for your hands. The featured straps securely fasten to your hands or feet as you rotate the device.

Introducing the CanDo® UBE!

The Premium model comes with a set of hand cranks and a set of foot pedals. Each set is pully adjustable so you can lengthen or shorten your rotational movement. The Hand Crank set features comfortable ergonomic handles that can be used for upper body exercises. The Pedal set features a pad for your feet that has a large surface area. Adjustable straps secure your feet to the pad.

The tension control dial on both models allows you to change pedal resistance for progressive exercises no matter what handle you use. Turn the knob to increase or decrease the resistance of your exercise as you see fit.

The most intuitive aspect of the CanDo® UBE is its easy to use, large tilting monitor. This monitor sits up on the top of the CanDo® UBE to display the data and information you need to meet your goals. The easy-to-read display can show the cool down or start up time (min. / sec.) while the UBE is in use. It can display how fast you are cranking out the pedals (MPH/KPH), and the approximate distance you have achieved using the UBE. It can even display the approximate calories you have burned during each exercise session. With all these various modes, it can be daunting at first. Which is why there is a quick start mode to just get you going if you don’t have something specific you want to monitor.

Once you check out all the amazing features the CanDo® UBE has to offer, you are going to want to snap one up for yourself. You can use this wonderful device for various upper or lower body exercises. It is easy to assemble and can be used in the comfort of your own home or in a clinical setting. Pick up yours today!

To view the CanDo® UBE for yourself, click here.

Article written by William Graves.