Introducing the CanDo® Impact Massager!

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CanDo® Impact Massager

Do you have tight, sore or inflamed muscles? A good percussion massage will have your muscles feeling a lot better. Percussive massage therapy is a new way to give a massage, and honestly it is a game changer. No longer do you have to get a professional massage for your sore, overworked muscles. All you need is a CanDo® Impact Massager, and you can have a nice massage on your own time.

Percussive massage therapy, also known as percussion massage, uses rapid and repeated pressure combined with vibration therapy. With a goal of soothing sore muscles after intense workouts. Some people even use percussive massage as their exercise warmup. It can be done automatically with our CanDo® Massage Gun or manually with our CanDo® Impact Massager. If you use either of these recovery tools, you will be given a multitude of benefits. Including increased blood flow for faster recovery, pain relief, and improved range of motion.

The CanDo® Impact Massager is the much cheaper alternative to the massage gun. It is preferable for those who want to get a manual massage. The idea is to have a do it yourself massage with professional quality. The design is very simple, and it is very easy to use. The Impact Massager really leans into the percussive side as they look like two drumsticks with rubber balls on top. You can begin your percussive massage by simply tapping the head of the massager against your body where it is tight or sore. You can do this by yourself or have someone else do it for you. The flexible metal rod does most of the work, so you don’t have to worry about getting tired after using it. You can also take them with you anywhere because they are so portable. Use them whenever you have sore or stiff muscles for immediate relief.

The CanDo® Impact Massager is a great percussive massager that anyone can use. Simple and effective, this recovery tool can really help relieve stress and tension in your muscles wherever you are. It is almost like having a professional give you a refreshing shiatsu-like massage. Try it today and you won’t be disappointed!

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Article written by William Graves.