Infographic: Digi-Flex® Hand Exercisers – A Family of Products

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This week we’re exhibiting at the American Society for Hand Therapists annual meeting in Denver, Colorado.

Hand Therapy is a unique division of occupational or physical therapy, specializing in treating individuals with conditions affecting the hands and upper extremity. Fabrication Enterprises, Inc makes a number of products for hand therapy, but one of our better known products is the Digi-Flex® hand exerciser.

What many people don’t know is that the Digi-Flex® hand exerciser is one in a large family of products designed to help strengthen the fingers and forearms. The infographic below provides a general overview of our entire line of Digi-Flex® products.

digiflex family infographic

For more information about these and our other products for hand therapy, visit us at the ASHT Annual Meeting in booth 101, or contact