Important PPE Items for the Workplace

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Important PPE Items for the Workplace  - CanDo® Ultra Hand Sanitizer

In observance of National Safety Month, we thought it would be a good idea to help anyone out there who still needs education on proper PPE equipment. With the COVID-19 pandemic still a thing it is important to continue to stay safe at home and at the office. As vaccines are being distributed more and more, people are now returning to the workplace. Still, it is vital for employers to make their employees feel safe on the job. Below we have listed some vital items you need in order to have a safer work environment:

CanDo® Ultra Hand Sanitizer

CanDo® Ultra Hand Sanitizer with Aloe Vera is one of our newer hand sanitizers that comes in various sizes to fit your needs. Choose the 2 oz. Flip Cap to take with you on the go or bring the 8 oz. Pump Dispenser to your home or office. Or get both! With this hand sanitizer you are ready to fight off any nasty germs you may touch or encounter. This sanitizer keeps hands clean with 70% Ethyl Alcohol and the enhanced moisturizers keep hands soft. It is the most effective way to clean your hands when soap and water is not available.

Whizzer Cleaner and Disinfectant

Whizzer Cleaner and Disinfectant

Now that you have something to clean your hands, it is time to clean everything else in the office. The Whizzer is a concentrated disinfectant cleaner that is effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria. You can use it clean just about anything and know that it will disinfect even the hardest of surfaces. Use it to clean and disinfect lockers, floors, walls, training tables, benches, doorknobs, shower and bath areas, toilets, counters, and training tables. This disinfectant does it all! Just mix it with some water and you are good to go.

Protective Shielding

Protective Shielding

Yes, you should continue to wear your mask. But what about some extra shielding from the people you work with? Your desks might be spread out in the office but that does not help if you must confront coworkers, or you are dealing with customers in person. Sneeze Guard forms a protective barrier that helps to keep people from easily getting you sick. They are simple and easy to set up with no tools required. They fit on most counters, tables, and desk spaces. With a Sneeze Guard your employees will feel a whole lot safer.

As the pandemic continues, employers should continue to play an important role as people return to physical workspaces. They should take the right precautions so their employees can feel safe when they come back to work. Choose the above items or anything else we offer, and you will help in continuing to make the workplace safe.

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Article written by William Graves.