How to Keep on Running

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How to Keep on Running

Have you been going out for a run more and going to the gym less? Turns out you are not alone. Many people have shifted the way they exercise since the pandemic hit. However, with many gyms now open one of the biggest challenges might be finding the motivation to keep running a part of your workout routine.

During the period where gyms were closed, a lot of people turned to going outside for a jog as their main form of exercise. Now that most gyms are now reopened, some people may still wish to continue their run outside instead of heading back to the gym. Running has become more of a boom as of late with many people citing that physical and mental health are the two biggest motivators. There are many reasons to stick with running as your main form of exercise. It is easily accessible and is a relatively safe option, as it can be performed alone and outside without too many people around you.

Even though running is easy to pick up, there are a few things you should know to reduce the risk of running injuries. The first thing would be to pick up some shoes made specifically for running. Some people will just go for a run in their casual sneakers that they have had for years. These shoes can hurt them in the long run as they offer very little protection from the impact of hitting the pavement. It is also advised that if you are a new runner to start slow and build yourself up to running long distances. Slowly working your way up will avoid burnout as you are not beginning at a high intensity level.

All in all, running still has a lot of benefits to it. By using running shoes and easing into it, running can have almost no negatives to it. So be sure to keep running into your workout routine and continue to have fun!

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Article written by William Graves.