Dumbbell Workouts at Home

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Dumbbell Workouts at Home

Are you still stuck at home and only have a dumbbell set to exercise with? Well it turns out that all you need are dumbbells to do a full body workout. Sure, going to the gym and using the machines is nice but it is not necessary. Below are some exercises you can do at home with your dumbbells:

Dumbbell Deadlift

Miss deadlifting with a bar? You can still do this lower body workout with dumbbells. All you need is two dumbbells, one for each arm, and you are ready to do your deadlifting. To begin, take two dumbbells of equal weight in each hand and put your arms in front of you with your knuckles pointing towards the ground. Then lower the dumbbells to until you reach the top of your feet, bending as far as you can go by extending through your waist. Slowly return to the starting position and repeat this exercise until you start to feel a burn in your lower body. Deadlifts strengthens your lower body and helps prevent hip and lower back injuries.

Cross Body Hammer Curl

Want to try something different other than just regular curls? Cross body hammer curls strengthen your arm muscles by focusing on lifting one arm at time across your torso. To begin, pick up a dumbbell for each hand and have your arms at your sides. Using either your left or right arm first, curl the dumbbells up towards your opposing shoulder. Then return to the start position and repeat on the arm you did not curl on. Doing this exercise one at a time on each arm will create a large neural drive, which engages the nervous system to recruit more muscle fibers.

Bent Over Row

For more of a total upper body workout, bent over rows with dumbbells will do the trick. To begin, take a dumbbell in each hand and bend your back so that your chest is perpendicular to the ground. Then have your arms straight and bend them, pulling the dumbbells to your chest as if you were doing a bench press. Keep your core tight and your back straight as you row the weights up to your chest. Lower the dumbbells back down and then repeat until you feel the burn. Doing bent over rows will target several muscles in your upper body including the traps, rhomboids, lats, shoulders and biceps.

Dumbbells are a great universal tool for a complete full body workout. Use them for both your upper and lower body workouts. There are more than just these three workouts to choose from targeting the goals you want to reach when using dumbbells.

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Article written by William Graves.