Transport Chairs are a line of mobility chairs, typically lighter than traditional wheelchairs, that combine the functions of a wheelchair with the portability and maneuverability of a walker. With small wheels, transport chairs are designed for those who can't independently move themselves, requiring the assistance of a family member or caregiver.
    Powder coated steel frame is lightweight, strong and durable. The wheelchair comes with padded armrests and plastic footplates. The vinyl upholstery is durable, and easy to clean. There are urethane tires on the composite wheel; push to lock brakes. There are 8" front casters which are adjustable in 3 positions. The chair comes with a carry pocket on the backrest providing additional convenience. There are swing-away footrests or swing-away elevating leg rests with adjustable length riggings. The weight capacity is 250 lbs. Available with several arm and foot options.
    Bariatric wheelchairs are heavy duty wheelchairs meant for patients of a higher weight class. With a wider seat and a stronger frame, these wheelchairs provide comfort as well as durability and support.
    Power wheelchairs are a comfortable and stylish option for users seeking a transportable power mobility product that's ideal for indoor and outdoor use.
    Reclining wheelchairs ares the perfect solution for anyone looking to reclinine in a wheelchair.
    Standard wheelchairs come in an attractive, easy to maintain, powder coated, silver vein finish, and a steel frame for durability. The wheels to provide durability and a smooth ride over most surfaces.
    Lightweight Wheelchairs are easy to lift and use on the go, unlike other wheelchairs that can be over 40 lbs.
    Wheelchair accessories include oxygen tank holders, laptop desks, and more.
    Wheelchair cushions come in a variety of compositions (including gel and foam) and sizes to accommodate a variety of needs.
    Deluxe Hardwood (and plastic option) Transfer Boards facilitate easy patient transfer from a wheelchair to a car seat, commode, bed or bath. Plain or cut-out handle - easy to carry. Permanent coating for long and easy use. Lightweight, easy to clean. 350 lb and 450 lb weight capacity.