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CanDo® Training Stairs - CanDo® Small Staircase

Running or walking sometimes does not come easy, especially if you just got injured or are recovering from post-surgery. With CanDo® Training Stairs, therapists can help train their patients with progressive stepping. All our CanDo® staircases feature an all-hardwood plywood base with an anti-slip material that prevents falls during rehab. The ergonomically designed handrails are made of solid hardwood, which is extremely comfortable to grip. Below we’ve detailed our selection of CanDo® Staircases:

CanDo® Small Staircase 

The CanDo® Small Staircase is a mini staircase that can fit into most rooms. Therapists can use this staircase for standard ambulation training. As sloped walking is one of the most difficult leg movements to attain for those re-learning to walk, this staircase is one of the most important tools of the rehabilitation protocol. In addition to leg work, training stairs are terrific for stroke patients as well as those with balance issues.

CanDo® One-Sided Staircase

CanDo® One-Sided Staircase

The CanDo® One-Sided Staircase is designed for rehab clinics with very limited space. It can fit in a small corner where patients can ascend and descend the staircase. It can do everything the small staircase can do just without the patient coming down on the other end. It is perfectly designed to safely increase a patient’s range of motion and mobility.

CanDo® Convertible Staircase

CanDo® Convertible Staircase

The CanDo® Convertible Staircase is the perfect addition to any rehabilitation clinic. This interlocking staircase can fold into a corner or lock securely into a straight line. Depending on your floor layout or how you want to arrange training for you patient, you may want your staircase a certain way. Allowing for just the right amount of versatility, this staircase offers everything you need to provide different training exercises to help your patient recover faster. Additionally, this convertible staircase is available in two sizes to suit different clinics needs.

Are you ready to step up your rehab training with CanDo® Training Stairs? Talk to your doctor if you think CanDo® Training Stairs are right for you.

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Article written by William Graves.