Aquatic Therapy with CanDo®

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Aquatic Therapy with CanDo

Aquatic therapy is an amazing alternative form of physical therapy. It uses the physical properties of the water to provide benefits as you do various exercises in it. These benefits include avoiding joint strain, reducing swelling and increasing muscle strength. Though you don’t need weights for aquatic therapy per say, you may find some therapy tools useful as you begin your journey of aquatic therapy. Below are some aquatic therapy tools you may want to consider:

Aquatic Therapy with CanDo

Aquatic Belts

Whether it is practicing your backstroke or doing butterflies, an aquatic belt provides a nice resistance to help you with your training. CanDo® offers both the Swim Belt and the Aquatic Jogger Belt for you to choose from. Both are made of buoyant, durable, soft and non-abrasive closed-cell foam. Which is light weight out of the water but can be great low impact exercise when in the water. The CanDo® Swim belt comes with either three or four separate floats attached to one belt and are either blue or red in color. The CanDo® Jogger Belt is just one solid piece but is available in various sizes. Both belts attach around your waist and offer superior comfort and durability.

Aquatic Bars

Aquatic bars offer additional resistance and resemble weights you would use to build muscle in the gym. CanDo® offers Hand Bars that are like a pair of dumbbells and a Swim Bar that takes after a weight bar that people do deadlifts with. Though both resemble free weights at a gym, they are quite different. Like the aquatic belts, these aquatic bars are made of buoyant and durable soft and non-abrasive closed-cell foam. They are also light in weight out of water but add some resistance while you are in the water with them. The Hand Bars can act as dumbbells when you are in the water. Improving strength in your biceps, triceps and shoulders. The Aquatic Swim Bars are great for increasing muscle tone and flexibility. They also act as the perfect floatation device for improving balance and stabilization.

CanDo® offers a variety of products for you to choose from when it comes to your aquatic therapy needs. Each product offers some resistance in the water so you can improve your strength and balance. Helping those who are recovering from surgery or injury. With all your physical therapy needs, you can trust CanDo®.

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Article written by William Graves.